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Fri 24 Apr 2020


wow, my hands look so beautiful. I just looked at them while placing my fingers on the keyboard. I changed this light from this side to this side of the bed and the light and right next to me and falling from my behind..

I woke up around 8.. logged in for work from bed, today’s my first day of fasting of 30 days for this year.   I went to bed last night after the suhur, around 5 something. but had to wake up for work for 8am, so I had the alarm on, but luckily I can just login from home, for Ramadhan it definitely helps to stay at home for this quarantine.

Work was smooth and I am glad it’s Friday today. I have 2-day off.. wohoo!! around lunchtime, I went for a walk, bkz, I wanna get out, get some pictures.. get some air, ..

I went just around my area walking, it’s beautiful here. There is this little hidden tiny garden just opposite the Beehive pub on Harleyford Road, Vauxhall. It’s small but it’s so beautiful, you walk around and then there is some water like a little bridge and water is green, green, green.. I wondered if there was a frog in there. anyway, I took a bunch of pics for Instagram and I saw a couple nice cars too some pics and send them to my dad..

Anyway,.. Benefits of Fasting..

Today was my first day of fasting and growing up I was always fascinated by why this fasting thing even existed. My mother is too kind and caring, she used to sneak some biscuits in our pockets of my brother and me when we were very little and were still fasting sometimes growing up.

* Fasting Promotes Blood Sugar Control by Reducing Insulin Resistance.

* Significantly Enhance Heart Health by improving blood pressure.
* Boosts Brain’s Function and Metabolism
* Enhances Muscle Growth and Strength
* Delayed rate of aging
* Significant reduction of Body fat.

Note – if you suffer from blood sugar, fasting can lead to spikes in your blood levels. Make sure you consult your GP or a doctor if you have doubts. but keep an intention and know that, for centuries fasting was considered, continued, and have various benefits.

Fasting is when you don’t eat. You give a break to your digestive system. Many religions have backed it for a long time. There are many types of fastings.. some do water fasting, some do Intermittent fasting, some take alternative breaks.

However, the one I do in practice is, the one that religion thought me.. probably came from thousands and thousands of years..  I eat full meal before Sunrise and then a full meal after Sunset. Followed by prayers. During the day, you are not allowed to let anything pass down your throat that includes, your saliva, water, literally nothing to bring close to your lips. Yes, you read it right. the saliva which is in your mouth. that needs to spit out. You are not allowed to swallow the accumulated saliva.

The whole intention is to give an entire break to your digestive system, that’s where your body will use the unnecessary fat reserves that are stored in your body and all the junk around your intestines will be washed away.

This is my research. please make sure you do your research.

3 things I am grateful for today

– for having the energy to fast

– for having access to all foods.

– grateful for the existence of plants, animals and nature.

1 little wish of my day, what would it take for me and for you to have 3% body fat and be active and energetic for the eternity of our existence.

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Take care,

Ash Khaleem