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Saturday 18 April 2020 14:34



Inner and out peace.. 

Mind – Mind is restless, self-willed.

The domain of the mind – 

Simplicity in life – Aspects of life.. 

Woke up 7:15.. wasn’t gonna look at the news but I am kinda curious every day to find out what the number is and how many people died last night. It seems 737 people in the last 24 hours died with COVID suk 19. 

Anyway, In the UK, there have been more than 108,000 confirmed cases and more than 14,500 deaths. Like Spain, deaths in the UK grew rapidly at first, doubling faster than every two days. That rate of increase has now slowed but on Thursday the government said that lockdown restrictions would not be lifted for at least another three weeks.

Anyway, today I just wanted to talk to you about a couple of exercises and what to do;

When in doubt – Train your Grip and Core. 

If you contract a muscle, certain areas of the body have an overflow of tension, in the nervous system and a good method for grip, core, and abdomen – basic approach can be done in conjunction with other body kettlebells, throughout the day, or a set half the reputation, 

Abdominal Training for strength – Find out, every abdominal exercise you like, Plank, Sit up’s or any exercise that is recognized and it works, 

3 times a week, 3 to 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps. Only. Focus on contraction don’t focus on fatigue, don’t focus on the reps. For several months, you work your grip, you work your abs. everything you do would be stronger. 

Planks, 3 sets of 10 seconds, Try to contract everything below the neck. 

Pull-ups –  

20 and 25 strict pull-ups can be achieved by strength, strength endurance. The more resistance that you are overcoming in your endurance effort the more strength helps. If you are strong, let’s say you have good deadlifts, that going to help you carry a beer cage to the sixth floor, on the other hand, it’s not necessarily going to help you hammering a nail all day. If that makes any sense, a hammer is light, beer cages are heavy. 

When you are doing 25 rep effort, the weight is significant, it’s still a significant percentage of 1 rep max, which can be bumped up religiously by getting stronger. 

People who have a hard time doing Pull Up’s – to start with, It’s better to start getting tighter through the abs. 

Unable to contract the abdominal strong enough, unable to even assume the strong posture. re If you watch athlete gymnast performs any exercise you see it on them, a position cal’d hollow position, the hollow position is, the body is like a tail is tucked in, and body forms a, like a dish, looks a dish pretty much. 

If you want to do Pull Up’s, first you need to master the Hollow Position, 

Search engine – what is Hollow Position. Find a picture, how it looks like, follow practice the hollow position. Practice the Hollow Rocks Pull-Ups position. 

Hollow rocks are not only going to strengthen you to your abs but it’s also going to teach you how to acquire that position. Then after that, you can start with assisted reps. We are not talking about negatives. 

Assisted rep feels like, a moderately challenging rep you do on your own. Your train partner or trainer will is gonna push you on your mid-back and enable you to do that with some bit of difficulty but definitely not make you struggle. 

Practice on the hollow rock, don’t forget your grip, 

3 times a week, with the help of with training partner, do assisted reps. 3 to 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps.. Assisted Pull-Ups.. Lower reps are key guys. 5 or under.. you are gonna have a high-level. And You’re trying to avoid the fatigue, you are avoiding the burn. 

Approach your training as a practice. the strength is a skill, and such must be practiced. if you approach in this manner, not only you will get stronger but you’re gonna truly enjoy your training process. Training is something that you should enjoy. 

As long as the person has required mobility and symmetry the priority is always on strength.. strength has to be first. 

The first step you do is assess your mobility. FMS functional movement screen will find out how mobile you re how symmetrical you are.. When this is in place, you have to get strong. Strength is mother quality to all physical qualities.. Greater strength increases your performances absolutely everything. Being stronger, you’ll be able to punch bag or lifting something.. Or are you thinking, how is that gonna help me if I am a triathlete.. The strength is gonna help you in several different ways. 

1. preserved level of the excursion is gonna go down.. a study was done by Norwegian’s where they put elite endurance athletes some were bicycles and some 4 sets of 4 reps as much high as they can. and in the end of the study… not surprisingly all these guys were stronger, they could jump higher and so on but they were not impressed with it, what did impress them as they ran faster. their race time went down. strength just makes, enables everything else. 

Strength enables everything else.. If you are trying to lose weight being stronger is gonna help you do that.. bkz you gonna have the bigger furnace and you gonna train yourself much harder and you are gonna train the exercises, the fat loss exercise. so… strength is the first thing you need to address.. 

Soviet methodology = they typically did 1 third to 2 third of max rep per set. They did if let’s say that you are using a weight that you are using 10 rep max. 10 is all that you could do. if you put yourself very hard. They would do 3 to 6 consistently. 

The particular methodology does work extremely well. And best methodology. 

Specialist strength methodology that needs to be adapted to your needs. The same particular method applied to kettlebell, bodyweight, principle-based training had been tested and.

A major misconception is that you have to go failure if you just overcome that and if you make it a habit to do 1 third to 2 a third of the reputation possible and do more sets instead you are gonna make much greater progress and you are gonna do much safer and folks you are gonna enjoy the training. 

Do this a couple of times a week, many times of 5 or 6.. Eat more. You are gonna bigger. it’s unavoidable, it’s as simple as that. 

When the muscle a contraction comes to an end or close to an end, . When you have depleted creatine phosphate in the muscle. That’s the primary stimulus for hypertrophy. 

If the muscle contraction stops not as a result of mounting acidity as a result of not enough creatine phosphate. 

For lower body use back squat

Upper body – Diamond Push Ups, Elevated your hands. 

For hypertrophy of slow fibers. training hypertrophy 

1 day a week, typically you would you 4 to 9 sets and then 3 to 4 days later you do the second day where you do 1,2,3 sets.. super slow movement.. no rest, 30 to 60-sec endurance, 1 day a week, 4-9 sets, 3 to 4 days later 1-3 sets 5 to 10 min rest.. active rest.. can be working for different muscle groups. 

For the lower body you could use back squats and front squats. 

For the upper body, you could use, diamond pushups for the triceps, what you need to do, you need to adjust your elevation, elevate your hands if you want it easier, elevate your feet if you want it harder, the idea is to come to failure 30 to 60 sec.

For Pushups, you gonna be working in mid-range, you never gonna come to the lockout, you never gonna come to the bottom, you are slowly keeping working the midrange. The upper body rolling machine can be good. 

Balance with priorities and do a full range of motion – doing a whole lot of squats very slowly, building up a range of motion progressively.. 

I hope this helps. 

See you another time. 

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3 things I am grateful for today 

For the energy, I have consumed today 

For the energy, I have used today 

For energy allowing me to effort all these. 

1 wish of the day – what would it take for me and for you to have a perfect perfect perfect symmetry.


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