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Fri 03 Apr 2020


Kept away from the news throughout the day. I didn’t to know what horror is going on outside. I have to look at some key headlines tomorrow before I speak to parents, I usually have to give them an update as they are in another country.Β 

I had to lie yesterday to my uncle when he asked me how the situation was here in UK, I didn’t want to give him a death toll just before it was bedtime for him. I said it’s still closed down and they are managing it.Β 

I just looked into news, I had been a bit curious throughout the day and my mate Luke’s just messaged me asking how am I coping. He hasn’t texted ever before.Β  so I just looked at the news and it’s so far 56,800 deaths worldwide and topping with Italy on 14,681 deaths.Β 

My employer had emailed us today saying, don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed, remember we are home in the stressful situation trying to work so don’t pressure yourself. I thought that was very kind. Even though the productivity I am pretty sure is funny for everybody trying to get used to working from home now.Β Β 

I have to wake up a bit early tomorrow even though it’s Saturday and I want to lie in. I have to wake up bkz, I don’t have any more chicken left, and during the week, I have to login at 8am to 4. so I can ‘t go and stand in one-hour supermarket queue. ugh and last weekend by the time I went, there was not much left.Β 

3 thing i am grateful for todayΒ 

– for a couple cans of tuna left in my bag

– for the time I have working from home

– for all those people who have ever contributed in creating music of all times..Β 

1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you to receive something really cool this week and every week from now on and everything in the way of that happening, please get deleted from my mind patterns.Β 

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Ash KhaleemΒ 

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