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Thu 2 Apr 2020


OMG it seems yesterday Britain recorded it’s the deadliest day, with the UK death toll rising by 563 to 2353. Covid-19. 

My aunt was phoning me this morning at 8:20, I was already late waking up and was supposed to log in at 8am .. I sent her a txt message saying I am at work, I’ll talk in my break or during the weekend. We usually talk like an hour so I need to be wise with my time. 

Prince Charles message must have been touching to a lot of people.. and there is a lot of news everywhere and even on the radio yesterday that a lot animals are taking over the cities, there were some strange goats roaming around in some area of London yesterday and now I just saw a little clip from Chicago’s shuttered Shedd Aquarium to where a Penguin are allowed when the field is closed so a Penguin too a field trip and there were these two wales gathered at the window to take in the Penguin. It looked really cute. It looked like, those wales wanted that Penguin to come in the water and play with them.. there are literally no humans anywhere on the planet now. Everyone got to hide. I think even animals are missing us.. 

Anyway, logged off work around 4:30.. then went for a jog, Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, Westminster bridge back home to Oval. 

I had a funny comment from a friend yesterday so today I didn’t tbh feel like posting stories on Instagram, i kinda realized, today it saved so much time, I probably should be mindful and figure out ways to use that time. 

3 things I am grateful for today 

– little radio in my room 

– for today’s weather 

– for my iPhone

1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times more energetic tomorrow and the rest of the week and everything illusion that’s blocking that to happen, please get deleted from all my mind patterns across all time dimensions space and reality.. 

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smile… cos it’s almost weekend! well, we have time don’t we. #home #work #desk #nogym #ions #arriers #stayhome #safe #smile #happy #pic #selfie #instagram