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Monday 30 Mar 21:58 2020,ย 


22:58 – I had writer’s block, I got distracted at 21:58 and returned at 22:58.. I have no idea how I lost those 2 hours, some time gone working on google ads, then posted story on Instagram, so was researching the content to write there for few minutes. All of these things I spend time on, I don’t think I mind doing them..ย 

Anyway, started around 6:30 am.. didn’t get off the bed until 7:30, had listened to 2 meditations in bed. logged on my work computer around 7:50.. this is the 2nd week starting working from home. this weekend was the first weekend home quarantine. the lockdown.ย 

today as I logged on, I get these newspaper frontpage notification email and I kinda had to usually need to keep a bit kinda updated bkz, when you go to work on Monday morning people think know all the stupid things in the world as knowledge and they ask, talk and discuss about those.. anyway but tbh, the current one is a bit crazy so you really need to keep yourself updated.ย 

ok, this weekend, was in the news, It was like Prince Charles and then PM Borris both tested positive for corona. I was like what!!!ย 

I had to go to the supermarkets, and had to sand in the queue for like 40 minutes, and then people had to stand like 2 mts away from each other and then I was inside, this women was jumping over me and even though they allowed only like 5 people inside each time. and then, at the end, when we were leaving I was ahead of me and we were supposed to stand on that special dot on the floor which said stand 2 mts away and I was looking at something and I literally moved like a inch from the spot and this women was like 2 mts away plz.. she was the one earlier who tired to jump over me to go to the other side earlier I mean she came very close to me and now here she was like.. uuu. move..ย 

I didn’t say anything, it’s probably people are feeling it from inside, I was getting a bit agitated as well. the security guy looked very mad too. then there was a couple in front of me getting the things scanned at the counter had a fight with the girl there and there was drama too. she didn’t wanna serve anymore and her supervisor had to finish that order. she came back afterward to serve me, I tried to make a jock to lighten her and I think it kinda worked.ย 

Anyway, that was the supermarket, and then I realised I was getting so agitated as well. my parents calling me many times, my siblings, friends when they see in the news, the death toll rose in a day or UK death toll now is 1415 and 22,141 has tested positive far less than Italy, Spain and China. Italy alone currently running at 11,000 deaths.ย 

I was getting mad at my parents, why are you phoning me so many times. I am just home. I am not going anywhere. I can’t do anything if people are dying stop phoning me so many times.ย 

They are in the lockdown too at the moment in India but they are probably 2 weeks behind us..ย 

Anyway, work was busy. but it was alright. after work, I went for a jog. a few people jogging, a couple more here and there but the streets are empty. I ran across Lambeth bridge over to Westminster bridge, there I saw the police from inside the Parlament gate telling this annoying looking couple to GO HOME! Go HOME! you should be home. something like that loudly.ย  then I ran back over Lambeth Bridge and over Vauxhall Bridge got home to Oval.ย 

3 things I am grateful forย 

– for the sunย 

– for the moonย 

– for water

1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you and mine and your family and all people we know to be unaffected by anything and everything in the way of that, all patterns from my mind to be deleted now across all time dimensions space and reality.ย 

Sorry I don’t re-read before posting.ย 

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