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Fri 13 Mar 2020 23:50


Woke up around 6.. 15 min meditate.. then gym.. did 3 x Pull-ups, 1x Arms dips, 4x Sitting Stretch Curls, 4 x Rope Hammer Curl’s then a set of Shoulder press drop set x 50 kg max, then finally Abs on the machine x 4 sets.. I think I had spent about 40 minutes.ย 

Saw my mate Chris in the gym, I told myself not to but the first thing he said was, Hey, how are you? tryin to keep away from the corona I guess.. I joined in.. I know right, so crazyย  .. such a waste of contributing to the negative energy I thought afterward, we could have spoken something else..ย 

Anyway, had a really really good workout, then go to to work, I had such a funny feeling in the morning.. as soon as I got to my desk, I had a txt message from my mum.. oh your brother is on his way to the airport, he had booked his flight back, the kingdom had given all of them 72 hours to return..ย 

I was like what!!!! My brother lives in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, he had to visit my parents day before yesterday, he was only there for 24 hours, Saudi Kingdom had given everyone away from the country to return bkz they are gonna close the Air Lines.ย 

Trump had closed entire Europe to US flights.. Apparently, Singapore had contained it’s virus very properly. UK and US now they can’t contain it, they are in the process of minimizing the risks.. All markets went crazy crashing too..ย 

Anyway, he was on his way to Airport in India.. I ran outside to ring my dad to make him stop my brother getting on the flight. My brother in law was like, what will he do here, then? I said he will be with parents, don’t let him go.. UK is like 10 days behind Italy, and probably the middle east is 20 days behind. but it feels like it’s strange to experience this..ย 

All I have done today is to educate more what to take precautions, I had ordered 2 boxes of black vinyl use and throw glove and a pack of 3 Nose masks on ebay.ย 

When my brother went home day before yesterday to my parents, I was so relieved for him and for them. My works kinda told us to be prepared and might have to take extra work in getting more health care workers. I wasn’t worried about myself, I was relieved for my loved ones.ย 

He took the flight anyway, anyway, I think, I would have done that too. bkz, there is nothing there at the moment, and what I hear here in the UK is, only from news or people around me which they consume from news as well. Media usually find the things that can scare people anyway, how much is it true of it this time?ย  if it is or it is not, they have done a great job to scare the entire world..ย 

World hold on. Come on!! Children of the sky..ย 

Anyway, he took the flight, i felt disgusted the rest of the day.. “well, you are where you are supposed to be at any given moment of the time.”. I wish him, my parents, all my family, and the entire world rescue from this strange weird scenario.ย 

Got home from Supermarkets around 5 pm.. many shelves in the supermarket are empty. gave my mother a quick call then took a nap for 30 minutes at 6:30.. 7:30 pm when to Swim..ย 

Got some nice feedback today. was happy that I got the feedback.. then dinner at 9:45 watching Friends on Netflix and now in bed.. yay! Happy weekend!ย 

3 x things, I am grateful for todayย 

– Grateful for my health, my family and all the people around me.

– Grateful for all abundance I possess in all forms

– Grateful being able to be in service.ย 

1 x little wish of my day – What vibrational energy can we align to, for me, for you, for mine and for your entire family to be immune to this is corona’s stupidity and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncrate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality..ย 

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