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Wednesday 26 Feb 00:10Β 


Woke up 7:30, got to gym 8;10 got to work 9:10.. had really really good pull-ups, 3 x sets of 8 of 3 variations, and then Arms dips and shoulder press on machine and then set of Abs on Machine.. probably in 30 minutes. Got home, 5.00 pm around, took a nap.. 30 min Dan lok’s meditiation. then went swimming around 7:30, 8:45.. the weather was crazy outside.. ate dinner eating Mind games.. Jason Silva.. Great job..Β  a few posts on instagram during the day.Β 

I had this call from HMRC today around 9:30 when I got to work, asking me to press on this option 1 and it will get connected to an operator. but before that it said, Oh there is a case registered on you, please press option 1 to speak to someone. but as soon as that guy, came online, he cut me off, or i got disconnected.Β 

Anyway, I had also had a couple letters from HMRC yesterday literally but I didn’t open my mail. I thought it must be some tax code or whatever yearly stuff they usually send here in UK.Β 

The letter said something about corporation tax. As I was at work, I couldn’t follow that up and I kinda freaked out rest of the day.. Around midday I did a few affirmations, about 100 of them saying, my finances should be just fine.. and hopefully that should be a cheque.Β 

Got home around 4:30, first thing, I rung them, a pleasant lady with some really strong English accent really guided me what to do next.Β 

So far, I had set up a Limited Liability company registered in England. I think I had to pay around Β£13/year or something like that, to Companies House (Regulatory Body)Β  and then do the yearly corporation tax return to HMRC. she said, I have to do my corporation tax return, file taxes, and I can do it online or find an accountant.Β 

so if you want to set up a Limited company or Register a private company,Β  Companies House is where you need to get registered. Under set up a private limited company.Β 

by the end of the call, I was happy I don’t have to do anything right now. I thought of it so much all day and there was nothing.Β 

pretty productive day!Β 

3 x things I am grateful today

– for my health.Β 

– for all my wealth and for all the happiness around.Β 

1 x wish of the day – what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times stronger and energetic tomorrow and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.Β 

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