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Wednesday 29 January 2019


Woke up 5:15 .. meditated twice, took 2 naps, almost on time to work, gym done! swim done! cooked! ate well.. spoke to mum done! Instagram done! 23:26.. on my bed.. writing my little blog..ย 

There was good work ethics., jock path.. being great at your craft is a requirement, hassle your whole way.. but being great at craft actually matters.. artists paid to deliver, wrestler paid to win…ย  whatever your thing is, you have to be great at your craft in order to achieve.. so there is 10,000 hours hardcore or 10 hours.. everyone wants to skip this step… gets overlooked..ย  ย 

Get good at it, natural hard work will help. being able to tell a good story, use tools, research… million quotes out there. remix, reuse, automated systems.. duplicate the working processes. youtube, indigo, WordPress, blogging, much of it is free.ย 

The intention is overlooked things, you have to decide where you wanna go.. being able to say no and mean it, hustle but able to move to choose and think on principle does this make you closer to goals..ย 

– Top priorities for happiness – HEALTH..ย  longevity, being able to enjoy, it is fundamental, once healthy and being active it’s incredible. PRIORITIZING SLEEP and MEDITATION – observe thoughts and its when you are in the zone, things just seem effortless, its’ cal’d as FLOW STATE. sense of flow in slow motion, you aggregate, overdrive and it’s like floating.ย 

Sit down for 15 minutes, observe your thoughts and sit in the posture.. that’s it. it’s the intention. physiological and psychological, what the unique you bring, focus on doing things you passionate about, doing better uniquely when you apply with personal vulnerability, a place you can come from when you are vulnerable you are actually showing strength.ย 

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See you next timeย 


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3 x things I am grateful for todayย 

– for all the energy I consumed today.ย 

– grateful for healthย 

– grateful for my comfortable bed.ย 

1 x wish of the day – what would it take for you and for me to easily achieve all those 3 top priorities of happiness mentioned above and everything in the way of that, delete, destroy de story across all time dimensions space and reality.ย 


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