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Friday 25 January 2019

Had gone to bed last night around 1:30..  met an Egyptian friend last night. Didn’t miss my gym.. I usually do Arms on Friday bkz, I swim in the evenings, but i didn’t have that much of a time today so I only did my pull-ups.. 4 x different sets of pull-ups only then I did a quick shoulder press, a bicep press and finally Abs. All of these, I think I finished them in 20 minutes.. I didnt spend that much time but i didn’t miss and I did have a good workout.. 

Anyway, our health is the most important thing.. rembr that saying, “If wealth is there, something is there and if HEALTH is there.. Everything is there.. ” I think it’s Buddha..  so you need to take time out for 1 physical activity a day irrespective of anything!!!!! Whatever makes you feel good. Go for a walk, go to swim, go run in the park.. but 1 physical activity per day for everybody I really believe it’s must. 

Got to work around 8:20, work was cool. Usually, Friday’s I go and pray, so I went home for lunch, I like doing the Friday prayer, It used to be such a big thing when I was growing up like a little boy, with my brother and that little mosque.. I kinda like the feel of it and I wanna keep it alive.. so then I had a chance to go for a jog.. 

Got home from work around 4;30, had a call booked with Amazon’s campaign support guy, who wanted to help with my new campaign, It was the first time I spoke to him, he gave a few tips to improve these listings and to trademark the brand.. come on sales!!! so the call was booked for 5:30 to 5:45.. but this guy already had cal’d me at 4:30.. we spoke, the call went well..

Then I rung mum, she was just finishing up dinner, dad was home late today.. I usually speak to my parents at weekends. I know, I am gonna sleep late tonight and by the time I wake up tomorrow, it will be the evening for them. they are 5 and a half hours ahead .. 

She said she ate 2 cups of vegetables and a cup of Upma ( South Indian dish made of semi ground wheat floor cooked cumins, mustered seeds, and couple Indian herbs.) Yum actually! 

tbh, the nutritional, mineral, and vitamin requirement payday must be met each day for your long term health, OUR BODY REQUIRES at least 30 vitamins, minerals, and dietary components that your body needs but cannot manufacture on its own in sufficient amounts. Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients.. 

Scientific Efficiency, Mg, Vitamine k, are essential.. We need to fill our mineral needs .. deficiency .. 

You are not gonna any clinical symptoms but, eating well and healthy, the minerals in your body will cofactor with your genes to produce more healthier, nicer things in your body. Like collagen is for your skin and face, if you eat lots of leafy green, your body will create more of it. 

There are 6 essential nutrients that your body requires every day.

Water, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins & Minerals. 

Please make sure from today on you make a promise to yourself you will aim to achieve consuming these every day. 

 Water – East to achieve and we need to be grateful for it. 

Protein – lean meat, eggs, yogurt, cheese, lentils, and chickpeas

Carbohydrates – Rice, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Oats. 


Vitamin A: beef, liver, eggs, shrimp, fish, fortified milk, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, spinach, mangoes

Vitamin D: Fortified milk and cereals, fatty fish

Vitamin E: vegetable oils, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, nuts

Vitamin K: Cabbage, eggs, milk, spinach, broccoli, kale


Chloride: salt

Calcium: yogurt, milk, salmon, cheese, leafy green vegetables

Sodium: salt, vegetables, soy sauce

Magnesium: Spinach, broccoli, seeds, whole-wheat bread, legumes

Potassium: meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains


Anyway, we laughed a lot whilst our conversation. After that, I took an hour nap. I felt so good sleeping, I think I slept from 5:40 to 7:15.. then I got ready for the SWIM.. I was able to use and bring all my energy for the last day of the week.. got home.. my flat is cool, my flatmate was there.. we had the music on in the kitchen I turned the radio on it was Careless Whisper- George Michael playing.. 

“We could have been so good together, 

We could have lived this dance forever “.. HAHA! 

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3 x things I am grateful for today 

– for my parents

– for all the energy I had and have in my body today 

– for all the energy as the food I was able to consume today. I mean, I am grateful for all the food I ate today

1 x wish of the day 

What would it take for me and for you to be able to provide and consume those 30 vitamins per day in any form without missing for the rest of our unlimited infinity days and everything in the way of that uncreate, delete, de story across all time dimensions space and reality from my brain.. 



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