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Thursday 09 January 2019

I had asked last night to my brother who lives in Saudi to check my 2 Amazon links if they are active and working.. and then I asked my sister in India if the links are working.. I know of course, they are working but I kinda wanted my family to open them first and we are all located in different continents, 

Anyway, these are two links for my first Amazon

you can buy if you want to but I am not really asking.. 

Anyway, I had an email yesterday saying, Inbound shipping confirmation from Amazon there were it all went live.. 

here’s the story – It was such a easy cool process. How to Amazon Import Export Thing worked. 

1. PRODUCT RESEARCH – The first thing you need to do in the process is product research. what is it that you want to sell.. watch a bunch of videos on youtube, How to do product research for Amazon. After you educate yourself a little bit, finally you’ll settle to the best option right now available is Jungle Scout extension tool, with the help of a few more Youtube videos, how to properly research using Jungle Scout etc, you’ll be able to figure out and finalize on 1 product. (Trust me it’s a simple process Youtube will help you) 

2. FIND A SUPPLIER – The 2nd thing you need to do is to find a supplier in China.. for this, you don’t have to go to China you just need to go , type in your finalized product here, different varieties will open up, contact a few suppliers before you settle onto one. Don’t forget to check if the supplier has got Trade Assurance mark on Alibaba website. Your trade is secure with Alibaba.. It’s again simple process, just like the way you go on any website online to order your stuff, on you order a bunch of them as a bulk from the supplier.. China is huge and all those factories. You’ll find so many hungry suppliers, not for money, it’s they all wanna enter into US market asap.. 

Most of the suppliers on Alibaba will be aware of Amazon’s requirements, criteria etc. You place an order.. 

I researched quite a bit then I settled with a keyword “Duffle”.  because, when I did my product research, Duffle keyword had a high search volume and sales.. So I was like, I want to bring in the Duffle thing.. so I found a duffle backpack 

I left everything and went to be last night.. 

Friday 10 January 2019 


Woke up, got off the bed, 7:30.. gym 8:15, did 3 sets pull ups, 1 arm pushdown, dumbell hammer curls, a set of shoulder press, a set of biceps on the machine.. that’s it.. (Grateful to God)

Then work, had to say goodbye to a friend.. Friday prayer, nap at 6:30.. 7:45, Swim.. just 2 of us today .. my tutor said pic a number from 1 to 40.. I said 39.. and he said that’s your home work.. that’s how many lengths you’ll be doing by next week. 

Anway. Continuing from yesterday. 

STEP 3 – CREATE YOUR LISTINGS – Whilst your supplier is manufacturing your bags or whatever, Create your account in Amazon Seller Central (£37.99 Montly fee), watch a bunch of tutorials how to use Amazon Seller Central, there are a few.. you only need to know what you need to know so here, you need to know “how to launch a product on amazon”, just type those key words on Youtube and follow the process.. It’s very easy.. just to start creating your listing.. 

In the meantime, the pictures you see on the Amazon plays major role, so you need to get your pics look professional.. I asked my supplier to send me some pictures of my bag on a plain white background.  

Those images, I went on website, this is where you can outsource some of your work to developing countries where there is hungry quality talent waiting for you to provide value.. I outsourced my images to Srilanka.. I went to that website, typed keyworks, Images for Amazon, then a bunch of listings opened up, you have to read reviews and outsource your work.. 

Except for 1 time, most of the time the quality surprised me.. of all the many times I outsourced work. 

Anyway, I asked this guy in Srilanka to update my images to Amazon standard and he did a great job. 

STEP 4 – STEP 4 IS NOTHING.. It’s done.. 

Your supplier will email you when the shipment is ready.. My supplier already gave me a quote for the delivery.. but in your Seller Central Account, you can arrange ur own delivery. my supplier posted it, it went Amazon US warehouse, to get warehouse address, you need to create your “Shipment Plan” in your Amazon Seller Central.  When you are watching a bunch of videos above while you are creating this listings, those videos will also have creating a shipment plan.. bkz all of them will have to create a shipment plan.. That’s how you get where to send your shipment.. 

You can right Amazon Seller Central support if you need any help with anything at any time but that information that you receive will be from somebody in a call center setting in the Philippines.. 

That’s it.. so day before yesterday I got an email from US warehouse saying, your shipment has been received.. Until yesterday, the listing page was out – of – stock, within 12 hour of receiving the shipment, Amazon separated my brown bags and black bags and made it ready to be shipped .. Yay! 

I am going to bed now.. 

3 things I am grateful for today 

– for the development of automation. 

– for the invention of wifi, electricity and 

– for all the food I consumed today 

1 wish of the day – what would take for me and for you to have a fun weekend this weekned and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality. 

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See you next time 


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