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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Woke up nice and early.. earlier than my alarm.. got to gym, 6;45.. I did, a 3 x Pull-Ups, 1 x Arm Pull-ups, then I did Sumo deadlifts then a set of Shoulders on the machine and a set of Biceps on the machine on my way out.. and no, I didn’t forget a set of Abs on my way out on the machine. Got to work around 8:20 through Kennington park, this time of the year the park looks really beautiful. 

Friday 22 Nov 2019

I left it there on Wednesday wonder why!! 

Woke up 7:30, had been on the phone with Amazon last night until 1:30 am and at last it was just a one tab/form needed while those guys on the phone at the Philippines had no idea or process knowledge what so ever. 

I need to create a shipment label for my Amazon listing. at the moment, my supplier in China had manufactured my goods (bags) I need to provide them a barcode which goes on top of boxes where the bags are placed. 

The first guy on the phone the rep guys, he said, there needs to be someone to get the delivery in the US. I said I choose the option FBA that’s why! I don’t need to be in the US. I am in the UK and I am sourcing from China to the US bkz my market place is the US. He says to me, how can it be possible if you are not there. Dude. you are an Amazon Rep.. you should know that.. that’s how this system works. 

I had to hang upon him. bkz I wanted to talk to somebody else. 

2nd time I found a bit more subtle guy.. here.. he guided me through the process of creating a shipment label, I said to him and he noted it down about 3 boxes 2 of the same size and one smaller so 2 dimensions and 2 variations in the box. Black and Brown. 

It’s PU leather, 25 Brown Bags with Logo embedded and 25 Black bags with Logo embedded. 

so my supplier gave me dimensions

The packaging details: 

Outer carton size: 59X44X56cm,19pcs/carton, 24kg/carton,total 2 cartons(38pcs)

The last outer carton size:37X46X62cm,12pcs, 15.52kg.

So, a total of 3 cartons for all 50pcs bags.

When this 2nd Amazon Rep guy tired to help me, he made me fill a form then the system generated 3 different warehouses.. he said to me this is the best, this is how it is..  then I had filled it 3 times 3 different forms and then divided 3 backs 3 browns and count and whatever, finally it was.. at the end he told me that I need to ask my supplier to put 3 in one box 2 inbox and send to this warehouse and then 3 in one box and 5 in boxes and send it another warehouse.. O My God! I went crazy! 

What are you even telling me, I already told you my 3 boxes are ready. I just need to create a shipment barcode that goes on the box. my boxes are already Amazon compliance dimensions.. we were talking about that and the phone got cut off.. It was close to 1 am. 

I phoned back again.. I had to kinda vent on this lady, I said to her how can that be possible that when I said my boxes are ready to ship this guy was asking me to separate into thought boxes.. what is wrong with you guys. this lady asked me to do you know how many brown bags in box 1 and how many black bags in box 1. I said I don’t know and I don’t care I am choosing Amazon FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon to sort this all out) then she was like, yes, of course, we could choose that option.. 

I was like, what do you mean by choosing that option. I have already chosen that option when I was creating this listing.. she apologized on behalf of those 2 crazy guys. she said, click on that option, and choose “Skip box information and apply a manual processing fee

Amazon will manually process your box contents Learn more”

I was like, yes this is what I wanted. I know Amazon will charge something to do it. Why was I filling that form 3 times.. The amount was $7.50 for Amazon to manually sort all that out. 

I lost almost 4 hours for that.. My dad did some of the leather tanning business when I was growing up he did only for a few months.. 

He had to ring to another state and shout and shout and speak to them about the delivery, about the shipment, trading etc.. I was thinking of that a few days ago. Luckily we don’t have to do those speaking on the phones all those with Fulfillment by Amazon service. Wonder how I attracted it then. 

Anyway, I have to go to bed. 

3 x things I am grateful for today 

– Grateful for the internet. 

– Grateful for people in China. All humans for my company in general. 

– Grateful for my comfortable bed

1 x little wish of my day 

what would it take for me and for you to smoothly and effectively launch our best selling product on Amazon with 100 ‱ profits on our first product and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it, across all time dimensions space and reality. 

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See you next time 

Ash Khaleem 

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