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Thursday 14 Nov 2019

Woke up 6:30 I think, got to the gym around 7:20, I did, 3 x Pull-ups, I wanted to do seated dumbell press but I didn’t have enough time, so I quickly did 3 x set of shoulder press on the machine than a set of Abs and then a set of Biceps on the machine just on the way out..ย 

Got to work around 8:20… got home around 4;45.. lol.. I was on my phone for a little bit, then I wrote an email and sent a broadcast, then I took a nap for 15 min, then went to spin class at the gym, had planned to attend abs class.. On Thursday’s pure gym does, spin then 15 min break then an abs class. I really like that, 1 abs class per week is so much sufficient.ย 

Got home, ate, made my dinner lunch for tomorrow,ย I forgot to check my clothes.ย 

Then I checked my campaigns and deleted “How to make money fast from home” exact match keyword campaign, cost per lead was really high, and attracting free money seekers is not a good idea.ย 

I created a new campaign instead with the keyword, “How to create a successful website business”ย 

so at the moment, I have 1 x campaign with Custome Affinity Audience (Business Professionals) 4 x campaigns with Exact Match keywords, “How to create a successful website business, how to generate passive income, how to start business at home, ways to make money from home”.ย 

Each campaign is just ยฃ1 budget with Maximise conversions as a goal and google does it’s magic and give me leads some days with 0.35p so far, I aim to bring to 10p..ย 

3 x things I am grateful for todayย 

– for my parents,ย 

– for the edu I receivedย 

– for the oneness, I feel with nature..ย 

1 x little wish of my day

what would it take for you and for me to delete everything that is of a lower density vibration we hold in relation to our finances, relations, and happiness and everything in the way of that I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality..ย 

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See you.ย 


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