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What Makes You An Effective Leader:

1. Listening – Listening is important. It’s best if you listen more than you talk. If you listen, you will learn more, it builds confidence, you will become more likable..ย 

Do you always hold back until someone else finishes?ย 

2. Resourcefulness – It’s best if you make use of every resource that you can think of before you even wonder to choose the most efficient route and ask someone for clarity.ย 

Do you get upset by the lack of clarity or you prefer to rely on your own resourcefulness?ย 

3. Perspective – It’s best if you be neutral, kind, compassionate, caring and loving and giving attitude at all times..ย  Literally All The Times!!ย 

When someone disagrees with you, what do you do? do you listen courteously, then explain to them why they are not correct or do you take time to understand their point of view? or do you choose to never look at their face again?ย 

4. Emotional State: It needs to be balanced.. the more you label it, the more you think of it the more you create of the same.. let go of negativity.. entirely. figure out what adds joy to life and what sucks the energy out of you and avoid all the things that drain the energy out of you. this includes people habits negative media.ย 

When in stress, do you take a deep breath, maintain composure and approach step by step or people can totally see you look mad!

5. Decisiveness and Confidence:ย  Your “Yes” should be “Yes” and “No” should be “No”… the least “Lemme Come Back To You On That!” Don’t go beating around the bush, it saves time.. Don’t let or wait for some else to decide for you, take charge!ย 

or do you prefer to work on your strengths and contribute only in the areas that can add the most value?

6. Vision and Courage: The ship cannot reach it’s a destination if it does not know where it is heading to.. If you don’t know then sit down and figure out what your vision in life is and have the courage to act upon it.ย 

If you own your own business, what would your focus be? Do you wanna be an in-charge or wanna be part of a team working together for the collective good.ย 

7. Communication – It’s your responsibility to get the message across as a leader, you should not only set the example but assume ownership over all communication channels.ย 

Make sure that they know that each team member should play an active role in ensuring effective and efficient lines of communication.ย 

8. Honesty and Integrity –ย  Honesty and Integrity at all times.. Rules are meant for the comfort of the people and so is being honest to yourself.ย 

If the situation is very uncomfortable would you prefer to say nothing or would you allow the situation to explain it to you in a bit more detail?ย 

3 x things I am grateful for todayย 

– Grateful for having access to all the resources I have that I can educate.ย 

– Grateful for my parents for making me a literate human being.ย 

– Grateful the WIFI and the internet and everybody who made it possible for me to live so easily.ย 

1 x little wish of my dayย 

What would it take for you and for me and for you to become good listeners and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.ย 

See you until next timeย 

Ash Khaleemย ย 

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