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Friday 28 June 2019, London.. 

If you are experiencing negativity from any person, write a list of all the things you appreciate about them, and everything will change.. 

And then you also have to clear your mind giving energy to those thoughts that’s making you think about that person. for this you can do an affirmation statement as – what would it take for me to completely forget about this person and everything the subject.. Pure love and light come through me, pure love and light go to him as my blessings.. 

If you still experiencing negativity..  this time you can do, a 100 times of I love you to that person… recently I had to clear some of the things I created with my dad when I visited home 3 weeks ago.. I said, Pappa I love you, a 100 times before ringing him and the negativity I thought we created there was no question of it.. we were so happy on the call.. 

There is also another exercise you can do.. put that person in an energy bubble, you can color it as whatever experience you had with them.. blue, or red.. so in that bubble, drop a picture of them, then also drop, love, happy, release ect huge words.. and say I love you or make a little prayer and release it in sky.. wallaha!! 


3 x things, I am grateful for today 

– Grateful for the energy that I had through out my entire day today, I was able to go to gym and swim in the evening.. In fact, I want to be grateful for all my energy always.. Thank you GoD! 

– Grateful for this little backpack, I have that I bought it on ebay I think long time ago. It has served me so well.. I appreciate you my bag 😉 

– Grateful for all the food I ate today, specially to my vegan work flatmate who brings food home.. I was so worried of the change, when I had to inspire the girl before him in the room to move and I am given with an abundance of food.. How wonderful!! 


 3 x happy moments of my day. 

– On my way walking to work from the gym through the kennington park

– Got home from work at 4:20 I think, 4:30, I went to take a nap and woke up 6:45 pm this is on friday evening… I felt so happy! 

– felt so happy just now thinking about how I would be doing the research about the ebook that I am thinking of working over this weekend.. 

3 x things I need to do next that will take a step closer to my goals 

– Complete ebook. the goal of this ebook is to generate some extra cash so that I can invest that cash in marketing. 

– Send my weekly email to my list.. 

– Try newly purchased tripod.. 

1 x little wish of my day 

– What vibrational energy can I and you align to, to be successful in everything we set out to do.. and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it, across all time dimensions space and reality.. 

Have a good night, 

Ash Khaleem 

Click on my image to watch a short video from my mentor Stuart – that’s how I started online.. and now I am reaching upto you..