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Friday 25 January 2019

Wokeup a little warm but feeling grateful. I made a little prayer and did my affirmation..  Got ready for work and left home at 8 AM. I ve dressed up nice again to work, in sky blue jeans, grey tshirt  top of that led and black and grey Scottish looking wool shirt.. I love the way it feels.. and Timberland boots. The weather was great today. It was 6 degrees… Work was great.. there weren’t many people in.. I did my routine, first listen to Parah no 30, then listen to a video of Dan halloway, then listened a video of Tony robin while working..

Around 10:20, I meditated in the toilet for about 4 minutes..

At around 11 Am something, I had an email, I had another App today..  I was surprised. I had one yesterday and I had one today.. I can’t believe.. this are working out. (Success! – I acknowledge my gratefulness to for the things to start working.. I can’t thank enough!)

I came home to pray for lunch. Offered my Friday afternoon prayer.. They say, you usually have to pray with others on Friday specially but the mosque is so far and take lot time to go an come back so I pray at home..  went back to work on time (Success!) Rest of the afternoon was very pleasant, had listened to Audible Breaking the habits of being yourself book..

So I have been meditating, praying, listening to Joe Dispenza meditation book, and falling a sleep with Joe Dispenza’s mediation yoututbe video.. and everything seems going smooth.. My mind is in it’s place.. I am feeling good, business is growing too.. my other goals are going smooth too.. everything seems so peaceful and I am grateful.. (Success! – I acknowledge my special gratification to my current emotions, energy, confidence, spirit and everything in question.. I am grateful for keeping me in peace. And thank you for choosing me to help others. Thank you!!!

Got home around 5pm, took a nap listening to Joe Dispenza changing meditation.. workup 06:45, got ready for swim.. Got to swim on time (Success!) was energytic and happy at the swim.. I am getting so much better and my trainer seem to understand me… he said he will train me in 2 years as Olympic standard..  I got so exited..

Swam until 9 pm, got home, made my dinner.. eggs and onions fried with little ginger garlic and turmeric and seeded bun. Pretty Yum! And I made a juice of chicken asparagus yogurt. Good boost!! 

I had an email from  a lead enquiring about our system.. but he connected with me spiritually, and he seems to know many more things universally. I said to him, you can help lots of people with this.. let’s see what universe has plans for all of us..

I am glad I was able to respond to my lead, entirely, happily, grateful and was with out any need or ego.. I only wished for his best.. I am so grateful for this feeling.. 

Then I started writing my journal.


3 x things that I am grateful for today.

– I am grateful for having an App today. And I am grateful to be able to help one individual.. I hope he does well and help a lot more people and deserve every best thing life has to offer..
– I am grateful to have found SFM for myself. I was so lost, I cried out so much for help and I received SFM.  Thank you Allaha, thank you for introducing me to SFM, thank you SFM and the community. Thank you every much..
– I am grateful for my health for being able to go to gym, able to go to swim, able to walk to work.. able to wakeup whenever I want, able to work on my laptop day and night, able to cook.. Thank you God! Thank you universe for providing me with everything.. I  am so grateful to you.. Thank you, thank you!!!

3 x happy moments of my day today.

– I smiled and said hello to my boss, he smiled back too..
– I saw my flatmate at lunch and we were in the kitchen had a few jokes and we laughed a couple times.
– I laughed in swim class, the other girls are so funny.. they wind our trainer. They are funny.. 3 girls and I. I think one Russian, one Indian looking, one English Downton Abbey looking and my trainer Walsh. He’s beautiful.

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination.

– Congratulate my both Apps of the week..
– Create a new campaign on Adwords editor.
– Shoot a video.

1 x act of kindness today.

– I offered a glass of orange juice to my flatmate..


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