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Expect nothing. Appreciate everything!

๐ŸŒˆ 1189 – Saturday 25 May 2024 23:34


Heading out towards Old Compton’s Street, in Soho.. just to hang around and see what’s about, how the town felt now when the weather had gone mild these days.

A mate had popped in earlier, so we sat on the balcony for a bit and thought we’d go out and check. Left home around 23:45, from Picadilly Circus, Oxendon Street, and walked straight up North to Rupert Street, the crossing was pretty crowded, past Sondheim Theatre on the right, I told my mate, remember the Yard bar that we spoke about a couple of days ago, this is it on the right, shall we look in then? he was like, yes, we could do it, I had a feeling that I went in once with my x but we didn’t stay long. We both went in, and the guy at the door was like, you know guys, it’s only open for half an hour, we said, yeah, we’re just going in for a drink, we won’t stay long.. We went in pretty, pretty packed, as we walked in, most people were turning around to see some new bees coming in, we went up to the bar where the things are served, drinks, cocktails and sometimes chips.. we didn’t want to stay, we had a laugh on something, stood in the middle had a quick chummy, and got out, we felt like we were doing a show there.

Anyway, walked straight towards Walker Street, on the left, wondering what that place was, there was guys and gals standing outside, dressed fully, one guy was wearing a black transparent shirt, black trousers, black makeup on their face and smoking, and another was a fully dressed drag queen in blue.. and other God know what it was he was wearing.. both mate and I stood in the corner until we see everybody there.. I said to Mate, do you want to go home, dress up something funny and weird and come back to this place?

He said, let’s do that another time when we plan that little early, we instead turned right to head to Old Compton Street, past Compton’s bar on the right, and Admiral Duncan on the left, both places are packed and plenty more standing outside up to half of the street, we went up to the Balans burger place and turned back, by then it was already spitting rain..

Earlier today, woke up early and stayed in bed until the light came, I had promised to meet some friends at the Mind Body festival at the Kensington Olympia. Around 09:45 took the tube from Picadilly Circus, The Picadilly line was closed, but the station master girl was very helpful, and TFL Transport of London offers always the best professional service.

So had advised me to take the Victoria line to get the Victoria line to Oxford Circus then Central line to Shepard’s Bush then cross the road and get the Overground one stop down to Kensington (Olympia) – got out of the Tube, the direction on the map took me to the complete opposite side exit, got out started looking for the map, this lady and her friend with blue hair was ahead of me, looking for the directions, by her hair colour I knew they were definitely going to that Mind-body workshop, they seemed unsure of the directions too, I turned to the right, and this middle eastern looking couple walking towards us, and I asked the man, if they knew with the Olympia was and he said, go straight and turn right, basically the other parallel side of this road, I said thanks to them and walked up to the ladies with coloured hair and said to them, are you guys going to the mind-body thing? she was like yes we are but cannot figure out if we were in the right direction, the map says we’re here but I cannot see anything, I said to them, haha I’m going that way, walk straight and turn right.. they followed up and walked fast..

Got there, a beautiful huge building, probably from the Victorian age, past the security, inside, there were small, small, small stalls, people standing inside offering various ways to get connected to whatever or however anyone calls the higher spirit. Each year, all the Psychics, Healers and mind-body practitioners get together to show off their talents, my friend was offering Hypnotherapy and another friend was doing Hydrogen therapy, I went there to support them at their stalls. While one of us manned the stoll the others were walking around to experience some news, my friend Parul wanted to listen to Psychic medium what they have to say, so she sat at the table for a tenner and got the cards to read, then she came back and said it was rubbish so I didn’t give her tenner and we both had a laugh.. While my friend sat down for her reading, I walked around and this guy approached by one of these stalls, and he said, it’s free of charge, would you like to sit down and I will help to raise your chakras.. I said, hmmm.. thank you and I paused, he looked at me as If I was going to say no, and I was going to say no but by his face, I said instead yes okay, sure why not! and he said, it’s only 10 mins so sit down here..

He said, from mother, there are 2 affirmations, I would like you to repeat slowing inside your mind, while I clear the chakras, the first one was. They had a pic of an Indian lady mother on the wall, apparently, she’s their teacher, I tweaked the affirmation and the first one was – mother ( but I said God) – let me feel the peace in me… let me feel the peace in me.. let me feel the peace in me 3 times.. then the 2nd affirmation was – let me become loving and compassionate to others.. let me become loving and compassionate to others and let me become loving and compassionate to others.. and he’s asked me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes, and this guy stood behind me waving his hands by my back, from the bottom top, I could not feel anything, my eyes closed so dark and road was very noisy, some other people sitting on chairs on both sides of me experiencing the same thing, I continued the affirmations in mind but could not feel anything, I said to myself, just one please, just one for the love of God, give me a small but least a profund experience in anything, with a dream or an experience or seeing a God or a Ghost.. just one experience doesn’t matter how small it is and I will believe in all these things, chakras, or healings or psychics and I was wondering how long I have to sit here with my eyes closed, is this guy even there with me, I slowly opened my right eye corner, and this guy was waving his hand over my right palm, earlier he had asked me to turns my palms open when I sat down, as I saw that I felt the warm heat over my hand, I went back to close my eyes, after a few sec, since I saw him do one had, now I had a feeling he was doing it to my other hand.. I started feeling warm and that is about it.. a few minutes later he said, you can now slowly open your eyes.. how was it he asked and I said, It was good.. TBH I didn’t feel anything brother.. middle of the day, and middle of this noise, at least it was nice you made me sit down for 10 min and close my eyes and meditate.. was good..I thanked him and he gave me the pamphlet for school to study with whatever he was doing I said thank you again took that flyer and left, and went back to my friend who was already ringing me on the call asking where I was, I told her I sat down here at the stall, meditating.. do you want to experience this and she sat down there too while I stood in the line to buy juice for both of us. My friend came back and said he saw colours when she closed her eyes and this guy was waving his hands above her hair… we had a laugh.. God one small weird different experience please, then I will believe in you and all other things that people talk about.. God, are you there? Ghosts are you there? please give me one small profound experience whatever it is and I will believe it and I will write about it.. Hahah!

I was meant to be staying there until 6 pm but I had enough with all those aromas and sents there so I bid farewell to my friends at 12:30 and left the place, walked back to the station, got the District line from Olympia and train got terminated at Earls Court, the station got closed for whatever reason they asked all to leave the station and I left and got the bus from there 14 directly to Picadilly Circus.

Got back home, popped in Tesco’s on my way, bought some biscuits, and ate on my way, I got ready to go to the gym but instead decided to stay back at home and tidy up my balcony, a few days ago my landlord had come home with another guy and removed all the wooden flooring from the balcony apparently there’s a health and safety inspection and wood on the flooring outside on the balcony is not permitted since the Grenfell tower incident. I said okay, and helped them remove the wood and it was sitting there from then, I finally had off and time to put them downstairs so I cleared the balcony, the plants in the pot, put some new seeds and watered them hoping some coriander and mint leaves to come out soon.. then around 18:30 I took a nap, the mobile was out of battery and I woke up at 20:10.. had a big long good snooze.. made a quick snake and had my supper.. sitting down and watching the new season of Bridgton.. then rung a friend, who was going to catch up today.. he said he’s still with this friend in the balcony under the sun, he will go home, walk the dogs, feed them and then come to see me.. read the top of the page now!

Around the world today news –

  • On Wall Street, thereโ€™s likelyย been a sneaking suspicion that work-from-home wouldnโ€™t last. And those sceptics are turning out to be rightโ€”butย not for everyone and not necessarily for the expected reasons.ย 

  • Israel and Palestine war – Oct. 7 2022 attack by Hamas and the subsequent Israeli invasion – on Friday, the International Court of Justiceโ€”the United Nationsโ€™ highest courtโ€”ordered Israel to halt its attack on the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

  • UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, speaking in a downpour amid bystanders blasting aย Labour Party anthem, called for national elections on the July 4, 2024.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful that I found peace in the midst of the crowded noise meditating this morning when that guy made me sit down for 10 minutes.

  • Grateful for the ticket by my tutor who had asked me to go and stay all day at the mind-body festival things and I left mid-day! haha!

  • Grateful for my mate and I went on the walk late in the evening. the walks around the central with my mate are usually laughable and fun looking and commenting to each other on things..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, happy, goal-oriented, and motivated, and then have a good workout in the morning, get things done, and everything to be okay with family, friends and everyone around, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed!

Goodnight, Good luck!

Ash Khaleem