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Don’t dwell on things you cant change. Its not the best use of time!

🌈 1183 – Friday, 10 May 2024 23:48


Woke up in London, bright, beautiful, light and sunny outside today.

β€œNever had the Sun made more beautiful than it was for in England.”  08:30 was time already by then, I got ready to go to the gym but then sat down meditated a few minutes instead, and logged in sharp at work, and first email was sent around 08:42.

Feeling, good, happy, grateful it’s Friday! The day that was looked forward all week.

Mostly did audit work in the morning, then research and read about 30 templates and downloaded 10 and finally created one version of a spreadsheet to the level best of the understanding of the project and was sent by 13:30 only then broke for lunch, but mostly stayed around the desk and hung and did not eat, had a wxxx and sat back at the desk and rest of the afternoon, catching up on emails and getting ready to finish for Friday, Bhaia started chatting around 15:40, Hamdaan little Neph fell from from the sofa and got a bommada on his forehead, 9 months old little nephews first fall and we had a laugh.

I logged off around 16:40, had been chatting to a friend in the afternoon, who’s asked me to come around this eve after work, because the weather was great, and I got ready to go but in the end I felt like, I had a long week and all I want to do today Friday evening is rest, not travel too far to Crystal palace from Picadilly circus, and return home late night and hmm… Mother texted at the same time asking if I have offered Jumma Salah, and have I eaten? I was so glad ofΒ  the choice to stay home, lied down a few min and ate Toast and Ambade ki bhaji while watching American gangstar (lol) on Netflix, and started tidying up the flat.. then made dinner around 21:45, Pasta, chicken and sweet corn finished the movie.. sat until then.. then MT mate texted that he’d call around.. I said Friday night bro, sure..

Around the world today

  • 3 things I felt grateful for today
  • Felt so grateful around lunch time I felt, there was so much work done today already.
  • Felt grateful after tidying up the sofa which was full of clothes that built up during the week.
  • Felt grateful when I found the filter that Bhaia gave to burn the Oud.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more energitic, confident, goal oriented, focused, make it to workout in the morning and then get to the class on time, everything to be fine with Family, friends and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow?

goodnight, goodluck!


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