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🌈 1165 – Saturday, 30 March 23:48 2024


Woke up early, I had an instinct that I was going to be woken up or cal’d, I opened my eyes, I found myself still in the same position as I was when I went to bed with one hand on my heart and legs straight, the room was still dark, I opened eyes and was looking at the door as if someone’s gonna come in or knock or just wondering what to do and I saw mother pushing the door and said it’s 04:15, the time to eat before your fast Sehr, the Roza (fast) number 19 of Ramadhan..

I asked if brother was awake and she said, I knocked on his door many times, but I guess he’s not up, but he’s only gone to bed an hour ago, little Neph of 6 months old his son has been up all night and the couple barely must have gotten any sleep she said.

I quickly brushed my teeth while mother brought Sehr to the dining table Kheema and Roti, both she and I started eating, we only had 15 minutes to eat, she also put the tea on, and got me a cuppa and the siren went off to start the Fast if it is already in your hand you’re allowed to finish it and we both had a cup of tea in our hands we quickly finished it and had a last glass of water and started the fast around 04:33 AM.

While she cleared up, I sat and meditated for 40 Surah Fateha, and Azan for Fajr started, I made Wazoo and offered 2 x rakaths of Farj Salah, and 2 x rakaths of Salah tu Hajath and went back to bed around 05:30 on the sofa in the living room.

It’s exactly 00:00 and Sunday 31 March 2024 just started..

Anyway, this morning got up again around 08:40, everyone else was sleeping, the Sun was bright, blue and hott outside, and I could feel the heat from the window. Sat up, Fajr was already done in the morning and everyone else family was still asleep, I sat with my laptop for the next couple of hours without any distractions.

Slowly slowly around 11:30 the rest of the family started waking up.. Brother and I offered Salah to Zohar at home together as a Jamath, then we left home around 12:15, and first, to some clothing store around Al Hamara, we brought a Jhubba for me and one for Neph Hamd, shorts, a t-shirt, knee pads and a bum bag.. it was past 14 in the afternoon.

From there we drove to Haara, my favourite area, we drove around a few shops, sweets, groceries, and fruits, and the back seat was full of shopping. Dear brother without Sehr this morning drove back.. we got back home around 17:45, just in time for the Iftar, we all sat down while the ladies sis in law and mother prepared the Iftar.. We all sat down, made the dua and broke the fast around 18:20, with fruits, salad, Palak Pakodi and avocado milkshake.. then the mardana went to offer the Maghrib namaz.

Got back home after 30 minutes and we all had a big meal together, that was made of Kaleeji, Chawal, Tamato ki chatni, Pudani ke chatni, Kheema ka saalan, Daal aur Bhendi ka khatta.

By then it was already time for the Ishan Salah, we left home together for Taravi, parents, bro and I.. offered Ishan, then Taravi the Imam announced that today is the start of the Khiyam-ul-Lail.. one of the special nights of Ramadan Taaz Raath the Noorani nights and asked all of us to come back at 1 am to offer Wajil with and dua..

We all just got home and ate mangos, Hamd also ate, he’s only 6 months old. he’s seen me for the first time this year but has gotten very close, he recognised me from our video calls and kept wondering who is this guy, looks like his dad but with a beard… Of course Hamd, I’m the younger brother of your Dad, I’m your uncle, we’re all gonna look alike..

it’s 05:32 AM now, just came back home from Fajr with Bhaia,

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for everything going smoothly at home with my family.

  • Grateful to see all the relations have improved.

  • Grateful, all of our Roza is going great.

Around the world –

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Powered by a BMW engine and normal fuel, the AirCar flew for 35 minutes between two Slovakian airports in 2021, using runways for take-off and landing.

It took just over two minutes to transform from a car into an aircraft.

  • In the UK – Hundreds of schoolchildren charged through a shopping centre with some tussling with security guards, before police issued a dispersal order. The mob of youngsters, involved in what police called β€œan incident of anti-social behaviour” in Milton Keynes on Thursday afternoon, was caught in video footage shared online. Telegraph

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, healthy, happy, go to sleep well now, wake up energetic, and everything to be fine with family, friends and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, get removed..

Goodnight, good luck!