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Success is the only option

🌈 1161 – Sunday, 24 March 23:33 2024


Dost ke saath baita hua hoon.. wiswaas nahi hota. Woke up at 05:47 Roza, fast number 15 went well. The Sun was out bright, this morning and stayed the whole morningβ€”this bright, big window of my room. I wanted to avoid the Sun just before I go home, to not have a tan.. but Sun rising sun’s rays were nothing more divine than the rays directly coming from a Mega Hijjo the Gran Puta Star nearer to us. The Sun!

Found myself sitting at my desk chair, the sun was right on my face, connecting the charger on my iPhone charger, a hand touched the screen and the time was 06:21, facing Sun mediated to 35 affirmations, 40 Surah Fateha.. Booking the flights is on my mind at this time.

Got dressed, in blue jeans, a black T-shirt and blue jean jumper, blue jacket, and left home Oxendon Street, to Picadilly Pure gym at 07:12 was there until around 8.. Had a really, really, really, really and really good workout.

Did 5 x sets of 8 reps of Pull-ups, Shoulder presses, Front raises dumbells, Side raises, and Hammer curls.. had a quick shower, and left.. got back home straight sat at the desk, said hello to Bhaia bro on the chat, mate Magic phoned on WhatsApp video and we spoke, then worked on the website for a bit, read the telegraph news.. sat looking for the flights for the next couple hours until 12:30 sat up, and took a nap for 39 min alarm on, woke up whenever woke up jumping. wonder what must be in mind at that time.

Got ready and got dressed to go to Covent Garden, to see some friends for a class at the fitness first until 15:45, did a few more of the Shoulder presses and hammer curls at the weights area.

Got home straight, sat at the desk, looked at the flights, BA booked with Avios and paid only around Β£300 to Riyadh from London for this Thursday 28, from 13:20 to 22:50 for Ramadhan.

Just at home, hanging in, a French mate was around the corner in central Soho so he swung by. He asked if my family were religious or spiritual while chatting.. I only then just realised that is so true, there is so much difference between those two words. We had a catch-up, both of us had similar roles in different sectors and similar challenges.

Made dinner around 20:15, Chicken, Chawal aur Amabada ki Bhaji aur Anda..

Just read this 00:53 right now on this little book, one of God’s names, Al-Bari, One who gives life.

Another mate Lewis was around the corner and he popped in for a bit, we hung in, he’s going to Rome in May…

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for having a fishing long day but a peaceful one.

  • Grateful for all those people who made it possible for me to eat all the food I ate today. In exchange, I work for someone and then I pay a monetary contribution towards you to work for someone else..

  • Grateful for doing some writing work this evening and going to bed now peacefully.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, younger, more energetic, confident, wake up early to Suhr, then have a workout before work and then get to work on time Monday, energy to be good, everything to be fine with family, friends and everyone around, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please, get removed..

Goodnight, Goodluck!