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Prosperity makes friends, adversity tests them!

🌈 1159 – Friday, 22 March 23:42 2024


The days are coming and going. I just feel like right now lying on the bed and not doing anything, perhaps I sat at the desk most of the day and today was the fast number 12 went well actually,.

Woke up early, went to the gym, had a really, really, really good workout, did upper body, 4 sets x 8 reps of Pull ups, Incline Bench presses, Flat bench presses, Shoulder Dumbbell presses, Lateral raises, Front raises, Bicep curls, had a quick but a decent shower.

Walked back home, Pure Gym Picadilly to Oxendon Street, 5 min walk, as I was coming in my flatmate was rushing into the low, (dudum duum) the doorknob, he must have freaked, and ran into it as he heard my keys dangling open the door.

It’s exactly 00:00 now becomes Sat 23 Mar 00:01 2024, Happy Saturday Folks, be happy!

Just felt like listening to Lana Del Rey and found a YouTube playlist, it’s perfect at this time and to feel mellow.. It was all yellow (Coldplay) my other favs..

Now coming up to 00:10 I found myself thinking about sitting at the desk at the office, wondering why those thoughts are surfacing in my brain at this time. Hello Brain! Please, take a break, stay still, stay here and stay in the now! instead of thinking about all past things always!

“Would it take for us to be able to train the mind to consciously think about the things that we think would make us happy?”

Logged in Sharp at work for 9:18 AM.. it has just rained, and having completed a substantial amount of work in the past few days, the sea now rests in serene silence.

Lana’s It’s You, it’s You, it’s All for You, tells you all the time is playing from that playlist.. I wish to go to bed but I doubt I want to fall asleep yet, so I’d rather sit on my laptop, not literally sit, but put in on my lap and put my head into it, and not literally put my head it, just work on

Just opened a pack of snacks Deedi’s sister sent me from Hyderabad to London, bless her for sending me food in Ramadhan. I just remembered laughing, when we were younger, my sister, brother and I’d go to bed around 09:30 and 10 pm, and my sister would wake up at 12 the next day, usually included our mother going off… childhood was fun!

“If a person lives correctly, they have never forgotten their childhood, they’ve never given it up!’

Offered Jumma Salah at home around 13:30 then sat back at the desk straight, also looking for the flights to Riyadh for the Eid. Looks like I might have to have a stayover in Amsterdam.

Took a nap from 17:08 to 17:55 woke up to the alarm, still in bed and mate MT phoned from Poland, he’s visiting home.. we had a quick catch up and then I just got ready for Iftar breaking the fast for 18:21 with Dates and Tangiren and a glass of magical drink the water.. and offered Magrib salah and then made dinner, Roti and Kheema (sent by Deedi).. then phoned bhaia and we both started looking at the flights until 11:29 when I said to him, let’s take a break and I have been at my desk most of the day, I will try the flights tomorrow morning again and we said bye Allahaafiz, to each other and then I sat down to write..

3 things I felt grateful for today

Grateful for whoever that dude left 5 energy bars for someone to have at the gym this morning.. Sending you my love bro! F me soon!

Felt grateful today for the work which was done last week got approved.

Feeling grateful now that I have managed the time to write something and will sleep well.

Around the world today – I tried to look for news to write here but it’s all just negative.. and we don’t need that! 

“What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, goal-oriented, motivated without procrastination, make it to the workout in the morning and have everything to be just fine with family, friends and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed.. “

Goodnight, Goodluck!