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Less talk. More action

Take your work seriously, not yourself.

🌈 1151 – Wednesday 13 Mar 23:28 2024


Just looked at the Vipassana sight just now and no dates were found, I feel like going and meditating for a few days, after Ramadhan. Allaha Meri Madad Kar!

Woke up for Suhr at 04:29, ate Harees, sat and meditated on 40 Alham surah, and full tazvi, dark, wet and foggy outside and went back to bed until 06:30, already emails were flying around from work, so sat up, read something, and then started getting ready, had a quick chat with mother and brother, that suhr is done and work is about to begin on the minutes.

Went into the office today, and wore a white shirt, grey jumper, blue trousers, formal black shoes, and a blue thick jacket.. was feeling good, and grateful on my way. “The eye through I see God is the same eye that God sees me, I’m in the world, and the world is in me, I’m in the body, the body is in me, and the mind is in me..”

Everything comes and goes except awareness. Attended a few meetings at work, left for home around midday, and biked back home, by St James Park, Picadilly Circus, wet but mild outside, got home had a catch-up with a friend, and then sat at the desk working the rest of the day, chatted to mother and brother again for a bit, a mate ws bored at home and he phoned me 3 times, once just asking what you doing, next time he was out with the dogs out at the pub catching up with another mate of us, 3rd time after eating fried chicken in front of Shadwell station.. I was still at the desk.

Took a nap at 17:15 to 17:35 there were 5 more minutes for the nap, Iftari time got ready to go attend the spin class but decided not to go and do the Iftar and sit back at the desk.. MT’s 3 phone calls were funny.. Done some writing now, will go to bed early, and get up for Sehr and the deadline to submit at paper at 9 am.

Around the world today –

  • Ukraine | US announces surprise $300m for Kyiv (Telegraph).

  • UK GDP grew by 0.2pc in January, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

  • A full field hospital funded by the UK will arrive in Gaza this week, following 150 tonnes of aid.

    The aid – including 840 family-sized tents, 13,000 blankets and hygiene supplies – enters Gaza today.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Morning while getting ready for work, and until I got there, I didn’t rush myself and felt so grateful.

  • Was grateful there were quite a few tech issues, but in the end, all worked.

  • Was grateful some quality work was completed during the day and less to finish tomorrow.

    What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, younger, richer, more energetic, happy, grateful wake up to Sehr full of energy, then sit and finish the work, submit the paper on time, everything to be okay with family, friends and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet another productive day on the planet?

    Goodnight, good luck!