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Let your past make you better not bitter!


🌈 1147 – Saturday 9 Mar 22:44 2024


Woke up early, feeling good, grateful, and short but slept well. A mate crashed over last night and also woke up early and said, I think it is still early, we should probably get some more sleep neither of have looked at the time, and it was 05:20 AM.. In this big wide window of my living room, far on the left bottom, the orange clouds and light started coming, we said let’s watch the Sun rise and then go to bed and we stayed up, had a drink, hung out for a fag on the balcony and it’s freezing outside.. The Sun rose, God knows what time, we both didn’t look at the time nor were interested in the time.. tired to sleep after and couldn’t sleep but felt wide awake by then..

07:40 left home to get some breakfast, Picadilly Circus, empty streets, Leicester Square, empty streets.. walked up to the Pret a manager, at the Charring Cross and we both got Salmon Sandwich, muesli with yogurt, a coffee latte with coconut milk.. sat at the table and ate the delicious food. People started coming in, we sat there for an hour and headed back home, 5 min walk, but I said, I need to get some stuff from the supermarket, let’s swing by there, we got Easter Eggs, Doughnuts with butter, crisps, walked back home both and we hung in for a while and packed a picnic bag and headed out walked upto St James park from Piccadilly circus the time was around 11:20 AM, the Sun was bright and warm, we hung out, walked in the park and sat down on the grass, and people started coming and sitting around us, and in no, it got crowded there.. we started there for about 40 min, walked back home, mate got his bike and he left from downstairs, we planned to meet a bit later see some more friends in town.

I got back up, tidied up a bit, and then got ready, glad I wore think, walked up to the Tube station, got the Picadilly line one stop down to Green park changed to Jubilee line going one stop up to Bond Street, took the Central line from there going west upto White hall changed to Metropolitan line going 2 stops up to Westbourne Park since the weather is getting so good, it’s gone so crowded, had to wait for the train and at the platform was funny, I saw some people noticing, who is this guy.. you see varieties in London.. walked up to Panella Cafe Ladbroke grove, a nice little place with Pasta and Pasteries, 3 of us and a dog sat down on a table and enjoyed the delicious pastries.. and then set off and started walking and Portobello Market right down the corner and we went to the market, the stalls at eh Portobello market are beautiful, the shopping, the pop up hot food, the antique silver and gold sale by the road, it’s amazing.. we walked and walked and walked and walked all the way upto Nottinhill gate, where the rest of the friends departed and got a mate and I walked up to Costa coffee by the station Nottinhill and got a hot drink and warm Tuna sandwich and sat down for a bit and then walked back to the Tube station, so crowded, the line was so big, we got central like to Tottenham Court road, and walked back home from there nice and sweet..

Hung in with the dog for another 2 hours and then watched a movie I love you, Phillip Morris, until 22:30, then the dog and mate left gone back to theirs, the Dog was adorable, and kept licking, and napping, every corner and then asking to scratch and finally left.. now I tidied up and sitting down to write before bed..

Around the world:

  • Israel and Hamas are still at war, and humanitarian aid is being dropped into the Gaza from UK.

  • Fifteen drones fired by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden have been shot down by the American military and its allies. (Sky News)

  • Russia still invading Ukraine, a Russian missile struck 500 mts away at Odesa where the Ukrainian president and a Greek PM were visiting, they were found but 5 others were hit by the housing naval drones. (Sky News)

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for wearing a 3 3-layer tshirt, jumper, and jacket when I left home, it looked sunny but the weather could always be deceiving..

  • Grateful for feeling energetic throughout the day with only a few hours of sleep last night..

  • Grateful everything was still in order and managed to write something and go to bed peacefully.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, happy, grateful, rich, make it to workout in the morning, and then have everything to be okay with family, friends, and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed..

Goodnight! Good luck!