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The only difference between possible and impossible is our mindset.

🌈 1141 – Friday 01 March 2024 23:56


Over the past few days, I experienced a sense of queasiness, prompting me to reflect on its cause. The delicate equilibrium of one’s health can unexpectedly lead to the need for rest, recuperation, and introspection. As the saying goes, ‘You cannot fully appreciate warmth until you have endured the cold,’ and love remains elusive until one has experienced heartxxxxx.”

Today is Friday, making both the end of the week and the conclusion of this week’s work. Logged in sharp at 9 AM, raining heavily outside, cold, grey, and windy outside most of the day and last night.

Work was smooth, holding the fort, and catching up with things, but did not stress pushing to get things done.. head is still a little heavy so was taking it easy most of the day.

Let’s write a poem now..

“The day won’t be the day, dull and glem

The day won’t be the day, and no wonders..

The day is filled, only by there, do you hear from them.

The day is complete, by there, do you know you’ll see them.”

Version 2 –

“Today won’t be an ordinary day; if feels lackluster and devoid of brilliance.

The day unfolds without any remarkable surprises.

It is oly in their presence that you truly hear the day.

In their company, the day becomes whole, and you anticipate seeing them!”

14:55, Bhaia texted, checking up on me what I was up to how I was feeling, and how the work was going. I said, almost done, I will be logging off soon, little Neph Hamdan arrived home to Riyadh, his grandparents, our mum, and dad were so happy! they had all the balloons, and glad to see they are all home.

16:45 logged off work, mate MT is going to swing by later after his birthday dinner with mates in central, I rather rest before meet mate, so the best thing to do right now that would take me one step closer to my goal is to take a nap, then tidy up and sit down to write..

17:10, found myself in bed, scrolling the YouTube sleep meditation videos, and took a nap until 20:07. .. Hey ho! After a long week, I own that time, and I will sleep, go away, and stop making me feel guilty for resting. Woke up, made dinner, Harees, tidied up the flat, went to the gym, had a quick workout and a shower, got back home.. and now sitting down to type finally..

Around the world today –

Olivia had messaged “Have a blessed new month!”

  • Russia still invading Ukraine.

  • Israel and Palestine are still at each other.

  • The US and UK are fighting Houthis in the Middle east.

    3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for not being in any conflict or war zones.

  • Grateful the cold that we have all been feeling the past few days is easing.

  • Grateful Neph Hamd reached parents..

    What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, have a workout in the morning, and day to go well, every thing to be okay with family, friends, and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns get removed..

    Goodnight, Goodluck!