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Speak less and you will see more.

Stay calm in every storm!

🌈 1126 – Saturday 10 February 23:53 2024


Woke up early, and hung out till late last night, mate MT had stayed over, and we got dinner from the Japanese center last night, also some bakery items, and watched Ghost Busters on Netflix, hadn’t seen my mate for a quiet a bit, was good to catch up.. very stuffy, and warm outside last night but woke up to little snowy and full of fog outside, that London eye was almost not visible from the window but only the green color..Β 

Feeling good, in the morning, grateful, energetic, had slept well, on and off up at night, every time I went back to bed I had a different dream, one time I woke up laughing and heard mate say, what’s so funny and I just went back to bed..Β 

The Oxendone Street, Picadilly Circus, since I moved here in Dec 2023, the early morning noises wake me up earlier than usual, which seems to have been working out well to be up early! Got out of bed around 09:45, text from Bhaia, text from Ma, I said good day to all of them and stayed in, mate’s left around 10:30, and I tied up, did the laundry, caught up with emails, then notifications news and then chatted to Bhaia, they are just home, resting.. made lunch at home, sat the desk the rest of the day, reading, this and that, and did some more of the course, browse, errands.. a lot of research,.. “What would it take for me to come up with a real nice video on both YouTube and for the next Instagram post ASAP, very well done and executed with a good message… ” “What would it take for it to be so easy?”..Β 

15:30 found myself at the desk on the laptop, I saw something all of a sudden felt brighter outside I looked up, and from the right side to me is the west, and I saw bright orange Sun in clouds, and on the left to me is East, a huge big rainbow just by the Shard, the view was just magnificent, closed my eyes and did the affirmations, did took as many pix as I can in the golden hour.Β 

Found myself still at the desk, on my laptop at 17:25 and Deedi phoned me asking me to read the grammar lesson, I said, “Nai Dil Bolra” “Not feeling like in heart” – she was like, oh your doesn’t feel like doing the lesson today, your cousin said, he’s not well, and the other one is out so they can’t read and you say you’re heard doesn’t feel like, okay, I will phone you back in a half-hour, let’s see how your heart says.. we had a laugh!Β 

I went downstairs, to get some cold food surprise bags from the Japanese center in Panton Street, Picadilly, and some bakery from O Be Joyful from Trafalgar Square, which also came with 2 sandwiches that I did not eat.Β 

Deedi phoned back in 45 minutes and we had a 25 min class / catch up, then I quickly said goodnight to Neice and Neph both were studying at 12:30 pm there, it was already 19:13 by then, I set the alarm for 15 min and took a nap listening to a YouTube video but woke up at 20:06, still felt like staying in bed, but I got things go do, so got ready, and left home for Gym, not a lot of people, unanticipated and unplanned but had a really, really, really, really, good workout, did 5 sets of 10 reps of Pull ups, Shoulder Dumbbell presses, Lateral raises, Front raises, Hammer curls, the time was already then 21:52, I had booked some food for dinner at the Cafe Nero Haymarket, quickly got there, as their closing time, it was shut but they let me in and this sweet lady gave 2 sandwhiches and a meatboll pasta box, I got them home and ate a sandwich and a heated pasta, while I ate pasta, I could only think of that guy I saw at the gym, sitting at the table, reading a book and eating a slice of bread from the pack.. I had seen him almost every time I went to the gym, one time I saw him sleeping on the floor by the door inside.. I think he must be living there but he has a membership at the gym, so showering there, etc..Β  the two sandwiches which are of not my liking are still in the fridge, I don’t know if I should walk up there again and give him those.. the last time I did less than a month ago, offered some food to this chap on the street, he said, F off Mate! saw him many times but never want to look at him again,.. at least the guy at the gym is not hungry, he’s got that pack of bread with him to eat..Β 

Around the world today –Β 

– There is a war happening in the Middle East and Asia, and Violence across the world’s oceans, Houthis, and the Red Sea

– Russia is still invading Ukraine.Β 

– Israel and Palestine are still at each other.Β Β 

Is there a way that peace could be achieved any time soon guys? you’ve got nothing better to do?

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful had a good workout both today and yesterday.

  • Grateful, got a lot of things done today at the desk, the ones that had been postponed.

  • Grateful got something written at the end of the night and going to bed peacefully.

    What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, leaner, muscular, more energetic, confident, happy, have another good workout tomorrow, everything to be fine with family, friends, and people around, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get removed..

    Goodnight, Goodluck!


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