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Love Your Space

To win in life, kill your ego.

Β  🌈 1125 – Thursday 8 Feb 23:48 2024


Sitting comfortably on desk chair, laptop and Pappa’s pad on my lap, raining outside, candle is lit on the desk, felt like listening to Bollywood music tonight, searched hits 2023, and a list came up, 2 first songs, I was waiting them to finish, third song, remix of the old song, “Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi” touched me now, took back to the age when the worry used to be, would it be next, what will I study, am I ever gonna pass any exaams?

Woke up, snoozed, slept again, had to wake up to log in, but sat at the desk sharp at 9 AM.. feeling good, slept well, felt relaxed, energetic and had a lot of work to crack on. Most of the morning was with responding to queries. Tomorrow’s Bhaia’s happy weekend starts, I looked at the time and it 11:30 for me, must be just after lunch for him at middle east.. he texted back a bit later, saying “Chutti Chutti” Day off! Day off!Β 

Did not move from the desk from 9 till 15:30 until after the weekly roundup finished, then got up and made a shake and Banana and Ata, took a long nap after work, made some dinner Anda aur Benis ki Phalli, ate watching Griselda on Netflix, tidied up, around 20:30, got ready and left home, raining outside, walked upto Soho from Picadilly, and got some more dinner from Starbucks Wardour street, back home straight, raining but mild outside, a lot of people were still out..Β 

Now sitting down, goals seems distracted, trying to get back on the track..Β 

Around the world today –Β 

– In Italy Pompeii – A team of three students won $700,000 this week for using artificial intelligence to read the first passages of a 2,000 year old scroll…

– Russia still invading Ukraine.Β 

All Latvian male citizens aged 18 to 27 are required to complete a year of military service.

3 things I felt grateful for todayΒ 

– Grateful for not losing yesterday’s post content when refreshed.

– Grateful a lot of work of this week is already done, some more to do tomorrow and have a weekend to look forward.Β 

– Grateful typed something and could go to bed peacefully.Β 

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger thicker, more energetic, have a workout before work, then login on time, everything to be good with family and friends around, then have a relaxing, relaxing relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow?Β 

Goodnight, Goodluck!Β 

AshΒ Β