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To get nowhere, follow the crowd.

🌈 1119 – Tue 30 Jan 23:39 2024


Woke up early,

Woke up around 7:20, had the alarm off for 5 am, 5:15, 5:24, and 6:15, wonder, how I missed all of them, but wokeup feeling good, Dad’s message on the family group chat, did not read entirely but only read upto the Assalam alaikum and Shabe Khair.

Got ready, wore shorts, tshirt, black jeans, jumper and then sat and meditated to only 10 affimrations and and walked to the gym, cold but, pleasant morning, the sky was just getting orangy then, and this lady had her hand on her back and other hand was sweaping the part infront of restaurant.. she reminded of my childhood when all women would wake up early in the mornings and sweep the floor outside the door and the spray water.. I just rememebr Ammi doing it in Gopalpur in her brown saree.

Got to the gym, 07:55, did 10 reps of 4 sets of Pull ups, back to shower room, had a decent but quick shower, wore light, walked back home, offered 2 x Rakaths of Fajr, Salah, then 2 x rakaths of Salah tu Hajath, drank hot, Atta and Kiwi shake, then got dressed, wore light green shirt, green pants, green thin jumper and then long black jacket.. got the bike, bloomberg daybreak on the headphones, and left home Picadilly, towards St James park, and got to work sharp but just after 9.. the floor looked empty, boss was in loo and she came back smiling, we had a quick catch up, then sat at the desk, and worked on first things, going through all emails from Jan to figure out how much of the outstanding work is left to clear.. Mother had messaged Good morning, I checked in on my way to loo, started typing then got carried away now at 10:30, that was still typing on whatsapp, I messaged back, GM then!

Around 11:20 went to glass of hot milk, there was no cookied so got a small raisan crossant and sat there on the table to eat, while had the headpones on in waiting to be answered for the appointement for Paddington..

Got back to the desk, sat and working, welcomed a new coll to the team by standing up and hugging, I wish someone had welcomed me like that..

13:10, a friend walking past, stopped, had a quick catch up and then, asked for lunch, then we walked upto the Mill bank area and got lunch there, I had Macarooni and cheese and got a piece of cake on my way back… we both had a good catch up..

Back to the desk around 14:00, sat and worked on audits rest of the afternoon until I left around 16:20, 2 colls just taking lift downstairs one asked seeing the helmate in my hand, you got your own bike or you use those bikes on the street and I said I have my own, then he asked, where do you have to cycle to, I was reluctant to answer but then have to be polite, so I said Leiscester square, even though it is picadilly circus.. one of them said, you’re getting paid alot, I said, I wish but I am with friends, so.. he said, then they are getting paid alot.. “If there was any energy created between I hope it is positive, becasue I love you both guys and I wish the best for you both!”.

Got back upto my street, Oxendon road and then dropped the bike and walked upto the Picadilly circus station and got the tube bakerloo like to Paddinton, went for general check up.. left, got back home at 18:25, chilled for a bit and then rung mother, she hadn’t seen my reply of GM.. bro answered, they are all then on the speaker, Dad was also there, we had a catch up, in KSA, Dad went to bed, mother and bro the all had a long nap in the everning so they were active, having a second dinner, then we bid farewell..

I then got ready and got to the gym again to attend the class at 19:15 to 20:00 Pump class.. went very well the spanish trainer was good.. had a shower there, this xxx was xxxxxx by the xxxxxxx, we then got into xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx for a xxxxxxx.. got back home, tidied up the flat, and made dinner Harres and then typed a bunch of pages and now sitting down to write before bed..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful felt good when realised this morning, oh the mood is in the positve state.

  • Grateful, was managing the time effectively this morning.

  • Grateful had been able read 10 times the A4 page that I was trying to remember by heart.

    Around the world today – nothing intersting..

    Israil and Hamas are still having a go and Russia hasn’t stopped either on Ukraine.. Guys, go close your eyes and mediate and forgive and forget everything and get on with your life with some goals and work towards improving!

    What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, leaner, younger, happier, richer, more energitic, make it work out before work, and the finish all work, everything to be fine with family, friends, and around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow ?

    Goodnight, Goodluck!