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🌈 1101 – Sunday 03 December 22:45


Woke up without alarm whenever, cold outside, -1, and got to the gym around 10:50, and saw there was a class about to start at 11, so booked it, had 4 x sets of 8 reps and 20 kgs of Dumbell press, joined the class, Legs, Bum and Tum.. went on for 30 min, walked upto Tesco on the right, Pure gym Lambeth, got eggs, 2 cans of Sardines in Tomato sauce, raining on my way home, didn’t get wet, home.. ate 2 eggs, fish, and 2 shakes of Wheat, had a shower, left home 13:40, biked up to Stockwell station, Northern line to Kennington, interchange via Charring cross, to Goodge street, walked upto Fitness first, was the rehearsals for the next weekend show, a lot of us in the class, after the class, until 16:00 did 4 sets of 8 reps of Lateral raises Dumbells 14 kgs, and front rows, bicep curls.. everyone’s just leaving, Eddy was waiting for me, we all walked, I got the tube back from Goodge street, and got out of Oval tube station, I was on my way to my flat, raining outside, went back to the Tube station, got the train to Stockwell home. What must I have been thinking that I got off the train out early..

Home, ate Salam, Yogurt, one more egg, and 2 bottles of wheat protein shake, fir needed in the back tire, filled more, and left home again to Elephant and Castle to do the Vogue with the group, I felt like I was in my head and I’m remembering the steps.. At 8:45 we all left.. Got the bike, went up to Kennington Park, turned back went to Walworth Road, Subway, got a big Tuna Sandwich, returned on my way back home, biked up to Stockwell Union Road, the Laurels, I had this food pack from Lidl from yesterday, it’s been out, I need to eat this first, went downstairs to the kitchen put it in the microwave, so may flatmates were there, Gabe, Juana, Nick, Spratian, Olly, Amber, and Shaz was making some Iranian dish, it was done, the offered to all of them, we all sat down and ate, he said some name, I forgot, with chicken and rice, it was really good.

Spartan’s starting a new job at BBC, Jihun said he’s going away and the 9th and coming back 12, I said to him, I’m off on the 23rd,.. Picadilly he said was great, Juana was grinding on the phone, Amber just came from a birthday and walked around with a cupcake and her pic on it, I told Spartan, about the BBC story, when I was just a week ago in London, the first week in, I wanted to get a drink, I went out, Leister square, had a few, and left when it was closed and walked upto the tube station and it was shut, the next day is Christmas day and everyone’s closing for the festival, I had no idea, there would be no Tube, no buss nothing, ubers and all not there at that time, I have to wave for Blackcab but none to be seen, I walked, and walked without the map.. everything thing went shut and streets gone empty, no body to be seen, I then walked, oh god!, then I saw a guy smoking outside some building, and went to him and asked, where is the closest tube station, there are no tubes now anymore until boxing day, where do you live? I said East Ham, when did you arrive in the UK, I said a week, he said, oh okay, we can go upstairs and I’ll see if any of my colleagues are leaving home in cabs when they go home at 5 pm, so he got me a visitor badge downstairs, and that was BBC office somewhere near Aldwich or Holborn, went upstairs, big office, almost 2 am then, he said, this is Ash, he’s only been in the UK for a week, he needs to get home, can we chip in to get him a cab, I didn’t even ask him anything, they all chipped in, gave money, 10, 15, etc whatever and got me a cab to get home, it think it was £70 something, I was London from the car for the first time that day.. I was so grateful for their act of kindness BBC office, I sent my love, gratitude, and happiness to that gentleman and all that office and their families.. I told this to my flatmate today and he’s starting at BBC tomorrow, he was so happy!

Got back up to the room and ironed shirts and checked clothes for tomorrow 30 minutes by doing that.. brother was texting, he’s head was feeling heavy, and said please close your eyes and count from 1 to 10 and say Allaha. and I did once for him.

Now sitting down to write, got to go to bed, and got an early start.

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3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Eddy was waiting for me outside to get out when they were all ready.

  • Anil gave a hug for the first time when he was leaving.

  • Alexander was showing me one routine, was grateful for these 3 that I remember. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, more energetic, grateful, everything to be just fine, do workout, get to work on time sharp, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow? Goodnight, Good Luck! Ash