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To improve any day immediately say and feel β€œthank you” seven times in a row.

🌈 1100 – Saturday 02 December 20:15


11:10 AM Just going downstairs, to heat food and bring back, Chicken biryani that was from the Wandsoworth shop yesterday, got 2 boxes then, one was lamb, heated, bought up to room, ate watching teli Downton, ate sat for a while..

Earlier, woke up today, feeling good, grey and wet outside, last night was upto -2 degrees, cold but nice, bed was warm, slept well, goodmorning messages on the family group chat, with dua, replied.. did the affirmation.. got up, sat at the end of the bed mediated for about 7 min.. got ready , wore a shorts, undee, tshirt, long sleeves white, goves Bro gave me last time I visited him, brown gloves, went for run, Union Road, Stockwell, past Nine Elms station, over Vauxhall bridge, by Tate past Lambeth bridge, turn around Westminster bridge via Covid memorial war took the stairs down, via Albert Embankment back to home..

Feeling fresh, great, good, mind is clear, text from mother asking what are you upto? we started chatting, she said, do ring, I rung and we spoke for a bit, she’s waiting for Neph to return home today from other grandparents, he’s just one his way, Dad’s drinking a coffee, then he was doing dua, then he came to talk with me, we spoke I said, ghar me hoon. I’m at home, he said, ghar me acha heater hai? home you have a good heater? I heard something about going in minus weather, Yes, I have a good heater, but also I’m wearing layers at home, is there a good heater in your ghar (home)… we bid farewell.

then went dowstairs, to heat up food, 11:10, sat, ate sat at the desk to do the priority list for yesterday’s goals for 2023 by the end of Dec list, started working on the first one, sending gift to bhaia, drafted a handwritten letter, I still need to write some quotes before I send out, so postponed to another day, today’s post office time only upto 13:30 on Sat. Sent a text to fam group, is Neph arrived, brother texted in 5 min asking, if i’m free to come online, and we all got on the camera, I was wearing a hood, Bhaia a green tshirt, Mother an orange saree with a golden border, Deedi a blue dress, and one point she looked beautiful, I was I had take a pic then.

We spoke for the next an hour and half.. I was bursting for pee, mother said she was too.. and Deedi had a class at 11:00 pm, lol, Deedi left first, then mother taking Hamd to bed, Bhaia and I spoke for a bit and said bye, I said to him, I will be up for another 6 hours or so.

16:45 or so.. left home, wore a thick, inner, shirt, overcoat with hoodie, then jacket all jeans.. walked up to Lidl Stockwell, got ration, 2 boxes dinner, one chicken and cottage pie, got home, on my way bought some thorns by the road to make a crown, to the show on 10th, it broke later, caught up with mate next room to mine 2nd floor Alife, he asked, I heard you’re leaving, I said yes, I got an opportunity to live closer to work, in fact at the Picadilly Circus, so I couldn’t say no to the experience. went down again to heat food and there I was darling Franco was making cake and beautiful Christina was preparing for Mince pies, they looked so great, then Punch joined in with his glass of wine, he said, when did you move? I said April, you? he was the end of March, he said, did you know how long you were going to stay here at the Laurels then, I said, I doubted if I’d ever get out of here, and we all had a big laugh, long time, look like the pix on our door.. Chris said, oh you’re leaving just before Christmas, I hope you’ll have a great time there.. I said, and I’ll bring a big cake and cut it alone in that big house.. we laughed again.

Got up, ate, watched for a bit, and had an early night, slept in my gear what I was wearing, and was too hot so one point in sleep had to get them all off one by one.

Around the world today –

Truce collapses | Israel has released a Gaza map to warn civilians as the US blames Hamas for the resumption of fighting with Israel and a protester sets themselves on fire outside an Israeli consulate in the US. ( Telegraph)

Snow blankets Tynemouth Front Street in the North East of England as parts of Britain are at their coldest since March, with some chilling forecasts for this weekend.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Was so grateful had a long catch-up with all the family, and spoke to the parents early in the morning.

  • Was so grateful, on my way home from run, I was feeling, great at that time that the run went well and back home sound.

  • Was grateful just when starting eating the cottege pie, the mash was very well done and it tasted great.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, richer, more energitic, alligned towards goals, happier, richer, everything to fine in the day and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed.ood night, good luck! Ash