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You’re Beautiful

Being alone is a power very few can handle.

🌈 1022 – Fri 25 Aug 23:41 2023


Friday is the day of the day, it is the happy day of the week and music always sounds better on Friday, and Friday afternoon feels like heaven.

Woke up early, very, very early without the alarm on, last night was muggy and warm so slept without a shirt and it was cold, grey, and dark outside, I had no duvet or sheet on me, and woke up cold.. wonder what happened to the weather.

Looked at the time and it was only 05:20 got up, grabbed a blanket, and came back to bed thinking I could lay in as I would be logging in from home and no need to rush for the gym. Slept for another hour and off the bed around 06:30.. wet outside, with no Sun, and must have rained last night, and looked like it was going to rain again.

Got to the gym around 07:30.. Did upper body, 4 sets of pull-ups, 4 x sets of Shoulder presses, 4 x sets of Dumbell bench presses, 4 x sets of Incline bench presses, 4 x sets of lateral raises, 4 sets of Butterflies, 4 sets of Bicep presses, 4 sets of hammer curls, 7 sets of Abs presses on the machine.

Logged in sharp for work around 9:15.. Friday’s work, not a lot to do, but sat at the desk catching up, reading, and checking things for next week. Monday is the bank holiday. Went to the mosque for Jumma prayer, from Jumma went to Sainsbury to buy food, back to the desk at 3:30 pm.. sat logged in finishing bits until 18:30.. took a nap. Was gonna go for either a run or swim.. but it became dark too quickly and didn’t go..

Better days are coming.. they are called: Saturday and Sunday.

3 thing I felt grateful for today

  • Got a space to pray at the mosque as soon as I got in, and also to park the bike, usually very crowded on Fridays.

  • Grateful had a good workout and look forward to the weekend, probably writing and catching up with things.

  • So grateful, that my relation with my parents, siblings, and all relations have generally improved.

    What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, and have a relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow? all negative patterns please get removed..

    Goodnight and good luck!