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Only barrier in your life is the one you put there.

🌈 1009 – Sat 12 Aug 2023 23:40


Treasure the pleasure a Saturday morning brings, when you know you’ve got the weekend ahead of owing your time.

Woke up early but very relaxed and feeling happy and good that I don’t have to do anything and can have a lay-in. Read a few pages of the SRA code and conduct book, I’m probably going to take the SQE1 test coming January. It is the solicitors qualifying exam.. there are 2 exams SQE1 and SQE2, If you want to qualify as a Solicitor in the UK. (This is a new process that is going to replace all the LLMs and all those old ones).

Then read the Durud e sharif in bed, and then 15 x affirmations, family group all well, flat group all well on WhatsApp.. Got off bed around 07:35 and got ready, outside a bit dim, dull cloudy, and windy, a bit chilly also, checked the weather on the phone 16 degrees, still just wore shorts and a t-shirt goto to the gym, and around 08:15.. Sat early morning, nice and peaceful, I had a good, good goooood workout.. Did upper body all this week, 4 sets of 8 reps x Pull-ups, 5 sets of Dumbbell shoulder presses, 5 x sets of Incline bench presses, 4 sets of Lateral raises, 4 x sets of front raises, 6 sets of Abs presses ( I’m going to do the same routine for a month bkz, these are the parts that I left it for end – rest of it is big, these are the final bits).

Got home, made breakfast eggs x 3 and a can of Tuna.. was feeling good watched eating Netflix, got ready, and left home, was going to meet a mate Pete at Baker Street station at 11:45.. took the bike out, via Vauxhall, Westminster, St James park, Buckingham palace, then Hyde park, got to Baker street around 11:35 shape, sat outside waiting for mate, he came a bit later.. station was packed with tourists and etc. it’s a Sunny day by now and beautiful weather..

We were catching up and then from there we walked to Regents Park, just 5 min away from the Baker Street station, a huge massive park… I just got distracted and I lost around 18 minutes browsing this and that and now I’m sleepy, I shall continue writing tomorrow.

We sat outside at the cafe Regents Park, had a Sandwich each, and a brownie, it started to rain, went back inside and got a table for another half hour, mates went to watch something at the open theatre in the park and I headed back home.. Biked back from Baker Street, Marble arch, Hyde park, by the Buckingham palace, via Westminster back home to Vauxhall.. The ride was pleasant.. By lunchtime I was home. Stayed in the rest of the day, reading, writing, and doing this and that.. Have tomorrow one more day to Sunday to relax, recharge and recover for the coming week. Feeling glad for another day of freedom and not being accountable to anyone..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful it is large and far but still somehow all things are closer in London, bikable.
  • So grateful for my friend Pete known him for about 10 years now. A man of a word and a real English gentleman.
  • So grateful for going to bed shortly in my comfortable bed.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, and more energetic, make it to the swim in the morning, and then get to work on time, everything to be just fine, have a relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get removed..

Goodnight, good luck!