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Smile. It makes people wonder what you’re up to.

🌈 1008 – Fri 11 Aug 23:40 2023


Work up early without the alarm on, it was warm and stuffy inside the room, looked outside the window on the right and straight I see Shard the tallest building in London / Europe glowing to the bright Sun already out and with 16 degrees.. at one point last night when I was up, I took the t-shirt off bkz it was too warm inside..

Did not feel like getting off the bed, so stayed still and did not look at the time, Friday day of work, logging in from home so doesn’t matter whenever it is.. read Durud-e-Sharif in bed, then did the affirmations, checked the family group chat, did Dua prayer message, replied Amen GM to the group. Scrolling through Whatsapp on the flatmate chat, my eyes moved up toward the time on my phone and it was 06:42 AM.. I was happy!

Looked outside to see if anyone there and what are they wearing, and if it was cold, and I saw some girl already running wore like it must be warm, so I put on a black tshirt, shorts, trainers, a side small bag, got the bike out and got to the Gym Wandsworth road around 07:12, not a lot of people end of the week. I had a really, really really really really really good workout. Did upper body, 4 x sets of 8 reps of Pull-ups hanging on the bar, 4 x sets of 8 reps of Shoulder presses with 20 kgs, 4 x sets of Incline Bench presses, 4 x sets of Dumbbell lateral raises, 4 x sets of Dumbbell front raises, 4 x sets of Biceps, went back upstairs, did 4 x drop sets of Shoulder presses on the machine and 7 sets of Abs presses on my way out.. (the machine is literally on my way out, and I cannot remember not doing Abs before leaving the gym for years now! ) so you can fxxx yourself if you think I write the same everyday! xx I do love you!

Home, made 3 x eggs scrambled, a can of Tuna, and 2 banana shakes and sat at the desk, and logged in work around 09:20 AM.. caught up with 28 emails, still waiting of the minutes to come back from the first approval, mostly today bit and pieces. Drafted a H&S email, but will send it later afternoon, then meeting with Cols at 11:30 for an hour, then broke for Lunch, did not eat but had a shower, and went for Jumma Friday prayer, offered 4 x Rakaths of Salah Sunnah, then 2 x Rakaths of Farz Salah, 2 pm alarm went off while in the Namaz the alarm set off to send the H&S emails, silenced it and then finished 4 x rakaths of Salah Sunnah, got back to the desk, working, working and working, set another alarm at 15:30 to send an email without forgetting.. to get a decent open rate to the email I causally said, Hello August, do be a “good weather friend” only.. and rest of the email follows ending with Nice weekend!

At the end typed 15 affirmations and logged off around 18:30.. meant to take 30 min nap and go for a run, took a nap listening to an audio from YouTube and woke up after 2 hours around 20:47.. Aw! The evening is gone, and the Sun had set already and it has gone very cloudy and looked like it is going to rain. Thursday yesterday there must be the house listed with the council, that I applied for many years ago, every Thursday the bid starts until Tuesday, been on the list for 5 years now almost, I checked the flats and liked none and I didn’t bid on any this time listening to music, and Avicii came on with the song on the radio..

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way, kind of beautiful

And every night has its day, so magical

And if there’s love in this life, there’s no obstacle

That can’t be defeated

For every tyrant, a tear for the vulnerable

In every lost soul, the bones of a miracle

For every dreamer, a dream, we’re unstoppable

With something to believe in

Monday left me broken

Tuesday, I was through with hoping

Wednesday, my empty arms were open

Thursday, waiting for love, waiting for love

Thank the stars, it’s Friday

I’m burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday

Guess I won’t be coming to church on Sunday

I’ll be waiting for love, waiting for love to come around… “

I enjoyed it thoroughly, lying there with my eyes shut, then a gushh of sorrow dawned upon me when I remembered Avicci is no longer there and it was too painful to read how he passed.. so I decided to google today and read about his end.. It was in 2018 but it felt like it was yesterday when I refused to believe or read about it.. He was so young, and mental health got him!

Mental Health is True guys, it’s okay if you got issues, there are people you can talk to and there is nothing wrong by accepting, you might need help, we are here to help one another, not just there to be critics…

I didn’t want to stay in bed anymore, nor in the room, quickly packed the bag with things I need to take to the kitchen on the 1st floor and went downstairs to make dinner.. glad to see some mates there, Serge, Olly, and his gf was visiting… Introduced me, I gave my hand and bent forward to give a pat and she gave the right cheek first, probably was going to end but I leaned towards the left,.. I still can’t figure out, the British give a kiss on both the cheeks, and Americans I think only 1 cheek, and only God knows what the rest of the world does,… I know Spain does both sides, Saudi does both sides.. so does Romania, and the rest of the world, It’s okay to kiss on both cheeks when you meet someone for the first time.. It is polite..

I made Harees, Chicken soup with Oats.. had my dinner sitting with them, offered, and mate Olly and his gf also had a bowl each. I was happy they ate and then they offered me some Dutch candy, was yum! I got back upstairs around 22:45..

Around the world today –

  • End of the August is a bank holiday and apparently, there will be a transport strike for pay again during that time so no travel plans are to be made. + Junior doctors are still striking.. to be honest, the pay they get is very less.. I don’t know how govt cannot see that? – If you visit any GP, NHS hospital, even at the STD clinic, the amount of paperwork the docs and medical staff have to fill and their long hours, and the hard work they do.. the doctor’s quality after 7 years almost and junior doctors make around Β£14 an hour, it is shameful… How can govt not see that? the people who work at banks, financial, insurance, construction, and engineers all just sit on their asses most of the time doing drugs and drinking, spending money and they get 3 times more money than the people who are in the service industry ( civil servants, council workers, care workers, teachers, nurses, paramedics, including the non-civil servants directly employed by the Parliament.. how can the world be so blind like this? why can’t you at least make everybody’s pay equally – why do people have to strike? on top of that, all the profit the banks and insurance and construction companies make are paid in bonuses to the bosses, and that too multi-million bonuses. How did the human world go so blind, how can you all be so out of touch with reality?
  • The first flying taxi by Ovo Energy in the UK was tested at 200mph first of its type and it failed the test so no flying taxis yet.. Aliens we need your help quickly.
  • Around 100,000 migrants illegally crossed to the UK past few months, there is a crisis going on in Syria, and Ukraine.. Somalia.. and UK govt is planning to send the migrants to Rwanda.
  • Apparently, scientists discovered a new fundamental particle, probably a fifth force of nature.. so far currently we have 4 fundamental particles- gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak.. this new one they believe a peculiar wobble of a subatomic particle called a muon, the speed of the wobble when observed was effected by a mysterious force they are calling it as a dark force a black matter.. tbh I don’t understand any of these either!
  • Russia still invading Ukraine.. Russia please stop!

The sleep is coming, 3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Felt grateful that I had a good workout today and ate well after that.
  • Felt grateful the day went well, finished all the work for the week and have got the weekend for myself.
  • Feeling grateful don’t have to set the alarm to wake up again tomorrow..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, richer, happier, have a good workout, then eat well, then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow?

Goodnight, Good luck!