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Saturday 30 March 2019

– I am Healthy, I am Huge, I am Masculine.. I am Ripped and I am Muscled.. I Weigh 90 Kgs, I have 3% Bodyfat, I am the Most Confident and Most Handsome guy on the Planet with Beautiful Thick Dark Hair and Perfect Perfect Symmetry and I Love Myself Very Much..

– Right now, I have a Billion Dollars in my bank account and all my financial dreams are met..ย 

– Ihave exact knowledge that is required to make my success perfect and I deserve every best thing life has to offer.. Therefore, everything comes to me effortlessly and easily.. Thank you, Allaha.. thank you for choosing me to help others..ย 

– Or something even higher than all of these.ย 

In Urdu – Allaha, pure flexibility ke saath (With full flexibility), bina kuch kharche ke.. (without any costs) bina kuch stress ke (With out any stress) aasani se (easily) consistent 100 quality leads per day aur (and) 10 converting Aps per day, dete hue (by giving) Mere campaign ko, (To my campaign) unusually successful banate hue (by making) meri taraf se ( On Behalf of me ) uss zaaroorath mand ke madad farma ya Allaha.. (help that one individual who’s in real need Dear My Allaha..!)ย 

Thank you for my Riches..ย 

3ย  x Things, that I am grateful for todayย 

– I am grateful to be have been taken a form of life on this planet.ย ย 

– Iam grateful for having my wonderful parents..ย 

– and, I am truly grateful for having access to all this wonderful food around me..ย 

3 x Happy, moments of my dayย 

– I was happy and laughed a few times when I went to my mates this evening.. there was a bunch of guys chillin in..ย 

– I was so happy earlier, when I got home from my mates, I ate 2 cans of Tuna and a big Mango..

– I was happy and laughed earlier when I shared my Mango with Javi, my flatmate, I also shared him a little story of how every summer after eating a Mangos of the first season how I used to slap it on my sister’s cheek and as I do.. my brother would slap her from the other side..ย 

We would all fall on the floor and laugh…ย 

3 x Things, I need to do that will take me a step closer to my destination..ย 

– Ash, Complete Christy’s manifesting traning..ย 

– Ash, Complete Google Ads training..ย 

– Ash, Research for new script..ย ย 

1 x Act of Kindness todayย 

– I had taken some Ferrero Rocher’s to my mates..ย 

*********************************************************************************************************************************ย  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can help a lot of people and do so many things to enjoy our lives..

Ash Khaleem

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