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Saturday 23 March 2017

Woke up usual time at 5 AM, sat up picked up the notebook and pen I put every night before bed next to me and wrote my affirmations. 

Completed Google Analytics training from Acadamy for Ads by Google half left from last night. This training was good with setting up Goals and Trackings in Google Analytics.. I have learned a great deal in it today, I usually go through most YouTube videos. Click here to watch Google Analytics Set-up-best practices Google’s Training Video Here… 

Then went back to bed.. Wokeup, 8:30 something, read a few notifications from The Secret Twitter following. I love the secrets tweets, these ones and the Billionaire Mindset TwitterTweets are the only ones I allow the notifications to come through..  

Had 2 x half boiled eggs and got ready for the gym. Today I did Rhomboids Muscle Workout. I had a great work out, on my way back, I stopped at a little Italian breakfast place and bought a Salmon bagel, there were 3 ladies and they were so happy to see me.. They all said bye and one of them did the Indian Nameste Gesture… 

Got home, about got home around 11:30 I think, made lunch Rice and Beans and Chicken Yogurt and a beetroot blend and sat down on my desk to work… 

I had outsourced a landing page day before yesterday to attract business professionals for about £51 on Fiver and he came back with really good content. I am very excited about split testing. So I created a landing page on SFM DBL Converti the only after I created the landing page I realized how good the content was so I wasted no time and with the design what I already had, I added the content, once it is up and running, I am going to build another great page to split test.

At around 5:15, I put my new landing page out in public. Sat down got the Micael Sealey’s YouTube Chakra Meditation Cleansing, Balancing & Healing with Guided Hypnosis Activation Meditation Headphones on and sat down Meditating.. It was about 45 minutes but I continued meditating, I finished my every day’s Tazvi Meditation as well so I sat down until 7:20 pm.. First time this long meditating 2 hours. I felt so great.. The sky outside my windows looked so great so I felt like taking a nap. I left the curtains open set the alarm for 20 minutes and took a nap. I think I had been visualizing, I could see images and at one point last night, I was looking straight into my eyes.. and this morning I think I woke with a kiss on my lips by this never seen girl in my life.. That was cute..  

When I was trying to nap, the images were coming in my eyes and I was able to see them clearly and remember them so I realized I am visualizing so I put the 20 minutes alarm off and set up new 30 minutes alarm on so that I can consciously enter into the sleep mode so that I can relax and let go. 

I had a great nap, but I don’t think I remember when I dreamt of, at least not now. Got up nice and refreshed, If I hadn’t needed to write I probably would have stayed back in bed, but I am glad I have something to work towards.. 

Got up feeling nice and grateful.. Prepared dinner, Cornbread and Humus, Grapes, Cashews, Tea and a bottle of Chicken Yogurt and a beetroot blend. My mate from the neighbor messaged to come over, we made out, afterward, I had to say, I can’t meet anymore until 2020 I am working towards a deadline, this is one of the things I am trying to give up or delay gratification. He was like, you can still do it. I was like I am doing it now, but it’s very addictive and it eats a significant amount of time. The moment you keep it open, you are like hunting and hunting always looking for it or for that one smile or one solace moment, these are all to fill the gaps I guess to be honest. 

I bid a decent farewell said good night and then blocked the whatsapp. It’s painful but I have to do it. I am not even with anyone to be honest, my build my business mode is always active 24 hours a day. And I love it too so I want to put my energy to it now I will enjoy the fruit of my gratification tenth fold..  

3 x things I am grateful for today 

– I am grateful for being able to write this blog

– I am grateful for the online services we receive these days.. cab, food, STI tests.. 

– I am grateful for my bed, it so comfortable and I love it so much.. 

3 x Happy moments of my day. 

– I was so happy and laughed so much when I was picking up the salmon bagel and these 3 girls went crazy. 

– I felt so happy and laughed when I helped this elderly lady carry her bags for like 100 meters and then we started talking and she showed me her garden. She was so happy to speak to me too. bless her! 

– I was happy and laughed earlier when I took the 20 minutes nap at 7:30pm, I was visualizing and I was laughing in my sleep like crazy. lol.. 

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination 

– Split test new landing page

– Complete Google Analytics Certification training. 

– Practice new script 

1 x Act of kindness today 

– The garden lady, I asked her about her plants and she was so happy and showed me so many tiny tiny plants.. 

I hope you all had a great day..  Happy Sunday!! xx

Kindest Regards, 

Ash Khaleem 

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