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I had attended the SFM London meet up yesterday and It was incredible. The way our community supports one another. I just wanna say, I m just grateful to be a part of it now..ย 

The Universe had a plan for me.. 1 It brought the Meet up 15 minutes away walk from me as I didnโ€™t attend last time..ย 

2, when I went there I saw an old friend. Who always tired to win a ego war with me in the past..ย  The meet up was at a posh residential building with a meeting room.. Where we all can take our laptops, sit together, master mind and inspire one another..ย 

So my old friend was working there at the front. Was great to see him, I think the universe wanted to teach us both something there.ย  I am still tryin to figure out my part in it..ย 

3 x things that I am grateful for today

-I am grateful for the feeling that I just had when my flatmate was in my room, sheโ€™s like my ll sister.. I have been working for years to make my flat a homely place where people just come and go as family.. It finally got to that stage that I never have so remind about anything it became so much like home now that I have always imagined.. Thank you.ย 
-I am grateful for the wifi service and provider and everything and everyone makes that happen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! No words to express my gratitude to you.. You bought so much of life in us..ย 
-I am grateful for having this wonderful friend who I call as Kuchie.. I am just looking at the keyboard he gave me.. He is great man! Bless him!ย 


3 x happy moments of my day

– I felt happy and laughed when I went into post room and didnโ€™t find the girl that I was expecting there.. I miss her, been a while that I havenโ€™t seen her, I was kinda hoping to see her when I got a chance to go around post room.. I send a good energy there!!ย 
– I felt happy and laughed when I showed my youtube video to my flatmate and we both laughed so much.. the scenery which looks like a studio in my video is a big picture above my bed.. I put that on a chair and sat on a same chair close to window to have sunlight on my face. I loved that moment.. ( I want to acknowledge my gratitude for making everything possible out of no where.. You bring the light and hope in everything.. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!ย 
– I felt happy and laughed when I realised what I was saying and I just laughed. Thank you!ย 

ย 3 x things that I need to do that will take me 1 step closer to my ultimate goal.ย 

– Watch Adwords editor training and create a campaign.ย 
– Google Analytics training.ย 
– New landing pageย 

1 x Act of kindness todayย 

I had helped a colleague to use the printer..ย 


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