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Saturday 26 January 2019

I had a spectacular day..

Woke up pretty relaxed, was hanging in with my flatmate last night till late.. So I slept at 2:30Am I think.. I fonded mum as soon as I wokeup.. Dad was like stop making noises. He doesnโ€™t like any noise.. I was eating nuts he said if I was walking.. He was the one who makes us all soak Almonds, ground nuts and horseโ€™s eating brown chickpeas.. Soak in water night before and eat as soon as you wakeup. Heโ€™s done all of his life and we do it too now.. I love it.. Great strength for the muscle.. I sometimes add honey in the water while soaking..

Today was my turn cleaning the flat. I was actually looking for it, I need to clean my room. I have been busy lately, I ve invested every available minute I had into my business. I gave a good clean to my room, the whole of the flat, I have listened to audi book for an hour or so.. I think my flatmate turned radio on, I liked the song. So I decided to not to listen to the book and just enjoy the music.. I had a great time cleaning.. I was thinking, I was being in the present.. I was grateful.. I enjoyed it..

04:30 pm, I started cooking and getting ready for my friend Andreas. She is an Importexports expert. Has her own brand worldwide, a spectacular human being.. We are alike, mindset! We always enjoy our meet up. I have made Tomato Soup with tomato sliceโ€™s in it.. +ย  โ€œKhaginaโ€ – Eggs with red onions with ginger garlic and turmeric, chilly and salt fried.. + Yogurt blend with red, green, yellow pepper, Half onion little salt. + Bread.. The dinner was really yum!

We were catching up.. I told her about the burn out I had. This is one of the peoples who I can really open up.. Thatโ€™s the great thing about our SFM community. No judgment. No ego. All we do is just inspire one another.. It was great to chat up with her.. I told her all about my 2018โ€™s journey.. She tried to make me feel comfortable by giving others examples.. All the leaders seem to be doing great..

She got me some very nice bottle of ginger drink and a tiny bottle of Salted caramel vodka liqueur and some special gin.. We had the gin first..

She left around 9:30, I spoke to my brother.. worked on my business for about 30 minutes.. Tomorrowโ€™s there a SFM London Meet up and luckly as all the beautiful thing which are working my way. The meet up is in Vauxhall, itโ€™s like 15 minutes walk from my door.. The universe has been so kind to me.. Moving all the things around, bringing things closer to me so that I can attend..

3 x Things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for living in this area and in this house.. and grateful for having SFM Meetup tomorrow in Vauxhall.. For last meet up. I didnโ€™t go.. I donโ€™t know why. I plan to go and I donโ€™t go.. The universe has bought this closer to me so that I attend.. The universe has been very kind to. me.. Thank you.. !!!
– I am grateful for having Andrea as a wonderful friend.. They say, You become an average of 5 people you surround with and I aim to have my own brand on the internet like her.
– I am grateful for having my wonderful flatmates who were so accommodating my friend.. When Ben saw me figuring whatโ€™s to add in the tomato soup, he offered me some herbs, and gave me some tomato puree.. The soup was really good.. and my other flatmate she had come home from supermarket but didnโ€™t Open her back, she left us alone..


3 x Happy moments of my day today

– I was so happy and free when I was cleaning the flat today, I was singing along the songs so many times.
– I was so happy and laughed so many times when I was having dinner with my friend..
– I was so happy and we both laughed when I spoke to my flatmate after dinner.

3 x things that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination.

– Email all my leads tomorrow
-Create a new campaign
-Watch webinar Adwords editor.

1 x act of kindness today

I offered a piece of apple and peanut butter to my flatmate Marse.. I loved it.

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