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Sunday 12 May 2019ย 

5 more days to see my mama.. I woke up her beautiful message which said, I miss you.. I felt it was so nice to wake up to .. at was about 7:30.. I stayed in bed for another 15 minutes and then quickly got ready to attend the body pump 8:30 class..ย 

I made it just on time and had a really really really great workout.

Got home, made my breakfast, toast and eggs, sat down on my desk and mediated for like 40 minutes.. then I worked a couple hours on my Google Ads, I enabled my campaigns again with just ยฃ2 budget at the moment.. Bkz, I need to keep a channel open for new leads.ย ย 

But I am not able to figure out what my strategy should be in providing value to my leads. I need to create a group on either linkedIn or Facebook.. all my members can join the group and I should be posting on the group regularly to make the group active and keep proving the value by trainings or webinars and just influencing the group members etc.. but not been much drawn to idea of putting regular post on Facebook or LinkedIn etc. I don’t particularly enjoy that..ย 

But I do need to come up with some kind of a strategy to help my new leads grow in their businesses.

Earlier, I felt like looking into the notes I have from that call with my Elite Mentor Frank.

One evening, I had a call from an unknown number, Hi Ash, this is Frank from SFM.. I was wondering if you have time to chatโ€ฆ I am one of the Elite Mentors in SFM and I am a member, I was in your place some time ago, and now I am in a position to mentor others and SFM had recently started it, and I am reaching up to you, as you have recently inquired about the Elite Membership.

Frank helped me figure out what my values are, made me understand what is it I am working for. And help me to map my next steps..

The image below was the screenshot of my screen while was on a call with Frank.. Itโ€™s Frank on right side top.


So this is how it works..

First thingย  you have to do is.. You have to figure out what your values in life are.. what is it you stand for ..

With Franks help I was able to figure out what my values are..


Could be in any order.

Then you make a goal of what you want to achieve, for example, how much do you wanna make this year..

When Frank asked me that, I said to him, I want to make a ยฃ100,000.. he said, thatโ€™s nice.

Ok, if you want to make $100,000 now divide that into 12.. comes to $8.333 / Month. right?

Then he asked me – Now what value can you provide in the world that can bring in $8.300 per month?

I thought for a few minutes and came up with 2 answers.. which you see them on the top right of the image..

โ€œInformation about how you can manage yourself in another countryโ€ย  and the 2nd one – how you can achieve your goals – generally about life to overcome fear – make the impossible possible.

Then we came up with a bunch of ways that I can provide value to the world ..

3 x things I am grateful for today

– Grateful that I got that chance to speak to Frank, my mentor who made me figure out what my values are.
– Grateful for having access to the internet and wifi etc that we are all able to communicate.
– Grateful for all the food I ate

3 x happy moments of my day

– Was so happy for my flatmate whoโ€™s bf is visiting from US and they are in kinda long relation and I know how much my mate misses him. I feel so happy to see them together today.
– Felt so happy on my way back home jogging this eve.
– Felt so happy when I realize now that I am about to finish and I can go to bed..

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal.

– Complete analytics training.
– Use keyword research tool.
– Optimise the campaign..

1 x Act of kindness today

– Gave a spare pillow to my new flatmate..

1 x little wish of my day

– What would it take to come up with a brilliant automated idea that can provide value to my leads and help them achieve their goals and generally provide value in the world that will create a passive income to me for a long time to come and without me having to do anything and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it delete it de story it across all time dimensions space and reality..

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