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Tuesday 30 April 2019

When I have nothing to say, I start with my day.. My intention is to present myself and that’s what I will do.Β 

Woke up 7, got ready and left to work without making much noise. My best mate was in between the flights so he stayed over with me.. We were up until 2 talking.. He lives in LA and I am in London.. He’s kinda one of best friends, Chase! we see each other like once a year.. He’s gone todayΒ 

Anyway, on my way to work, I realized, How wonderful my day was yesterday.. It’s probably one of the best days.. One of my best best best friends at work said she’s seeing someone.. It made me so happy! then my brother forwarded a message with an HR letter he received, he’s pay tripled in that letter.. I was so happy for him.. then finally, I got to spend time with my best mate, and he was showing all this holiday pics of Cappadocia (Turkey) on apple tv.. and we ate Balaclava.Β 

I have been delaying gratification traveling.. In 2017, I was traveling so much, there was once, at one point, I was in Geneva, Italy in the morning, then in England in the evening and next morning I was in Croatia. Anyway, the reason behind saying this is, I do love traveling so much.Β  Β But right now, I have other priorities and it doesn’t serve me..Β  But I really can’t wait to get that time freedom with my business and I will be a LAPTOP NOMAD..Β 

3 x things I am grateful for todayΒ 

Grateful for all the countries that I have been able to travelΒ so far.
Grateful for having so many friends around.
Grateful for my TV and the signals an everyone who’s made it possible for me to watch..
3 x Happy moments of my day

Felt happy swimming this evening.
Felt so happy walking to work this morning.. Sun was out a little and felt so grateful.
I am just feeling happy now generally.
3 x things I need to do next that will a step closer to my goals

Complete, analytics training .
Speak to google rep
Update about me page of my website.
1 x Act of kindness today

Helped aΒ  couple people at work with things..
1x little wish of my day

What vibrational energy can I align to, to have my dream body now and every thing in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.

PS. I don’t re read my blog before posting, bkz I wanna save time.. apologies for the grammar or mistakes. Ash