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Friday 26 April 2019

Hey, How are you? How was your day?

I have a mate on his way to me whom I haven’t seen for a long time.. is one of my best mates actually.. we are probably gonna have a drink outside somewhere..

right, I got off the bed at 7:10, woke up, 6:15, decided to skip the gym bkz I was gonna swim this eve after work.. and I did the jog and the gym yesterday, so I decided to lay in.. until 7:10.. Got go work around 8:15 I think, Work was fun.. my mind felt a bit funny for skipping the gym in the morning..

I felt very active and energetic in the morning.. and I was like, I feel great. Why did I even skip the gym.. I should have gone.. I had this funny energy with me for few hours in the morning.. so I decided to attend body pump class at my lunch break.. which I made it to and I had a good workout, I ate at my desk and had to make up 20 minutes for being late but felt so good and so grateful for being able to act on my instinct.

I usually attend 2 body pump classes a week, and 1 definite physical activity a day, either gym, swim or jog.. these days, it has been, gym in the morning and jog in the evening.. I am pushing it.. It’s bkz I am making myself strong, bkz I am aiming for that greatness.. I donno what ever that is but.. I glad to have routine built..

Got home from work on my way through the super market, took a nap for 30 minutes at 5:40, woke up, did more or less an hours meditation, then my brother phoned, spoke to him like 20 minutes, got ready and went to swim with a group. They are usually fun.. this funny lady makes me always laugh, I always thought she was Russian for some reason but today she said she’s Turkish.. that was funny!

Got home around 9pm, I ate very yummie Shepards Pie made of Lamb.. It was so good..

I needed to check my campaign if any of that yesterday’s google reps help with the optimisation worked ..

My mates already here. Gotto go.. see ya mro..


3 x things I am grateful for

Grateful for having this little radio I have here
Grateful for my parents.
Grateful for all the food I ate.


3 x Happy moments of my day

Happy when I walked back to work from the gym.
Was so happy and laughed a few times at the swim with the group..
Happy and laughed a couple times just now seeing my mate.


3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal

Complete at least 2 Dan’s webinar training.
Complete analytics training.
Research new keywords for the campaigns..


1 x Act of kindness today

– Gave a long hug to my mate..

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