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ย ย Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April 2019

A strange day for me and a new lesson learned.

Woke up at 7 with the alarm on.. Wondering why and how I did it.. Went to bed last night around 1. Couldn’t even get to blog.. I woke up with doubt and confusion..

Had a great day yesterday, as productive as any other days..ย  but the story starts here.

A few days ago,ย  I kinda felt saturated and asked the best mate of mine to move out.. her bf was home all the times and rest of us couldnโ€™t take it anymore.. I did viewings yesterday and this chap who came to see.. I kinda felt sorry for his story and then I ended up cooking dinner for him and then he staying over.. and we watched a bunch of Rupaulโ€™s episodes.. he got the room but I was wondering, how did I trust all that so much and made all that happen. I kinda felt like I got carried away.. lol

Anyway, I acknowledge my feelings this morning when I woke up, they were confused and disturbed, next time I would like them to be HAPPY and GRATEFUL ONLY!

Checked my campaigns as soon as I woke up to see the miracle.. but it was pretty plain.. I got ready and attended 8;30โ€™s Jamalโ€™s Body Pump class, had a great workout..

Got a Salmon bagel and ate a Can of Tuna as soon as I got home. And sat straight on my desk..

I had an idea come to me to create a new Keywords campaign with ยฃ0.15p CPA (cost per acquisition/action/subscriber ) So far, my CPA used to be in between ยฃ3 to ยฃ5. My mentors at SFM suggested upto ยฃ5 pounds is ok, as the product I have on my website, for the return on investment, ยฃ5 CPA is just ok but not anymore.. can be as less as it could be.. if you can make that happen.. Thereโ€™s another dude, in our marketers community, heโ€™s getting like ยฃ1 something cost per lead/subscriber. So itโ€™s possible..

I created a campaign today with Intent Based Keywords starting 15p CPA.. That is my goal actually to bring my CPA to 15p..ย  Bkz, I am actually only willing to pay 15p per a subscriber to give them a free training series that actually going to help them..ย  so I am happy to contribute 15p/person on the planet if I had to teach them all some digital skills..

Around 15:00 I think, I did Christiโ€™s the Ultimate You clearing exercise.. then took a nap for about 30 minutes listening to Dan Lokโ€™s meditation and went for jog when I woke up across Vauxhall bridge and Westminster, felt pretty great and happy jogging back home.. Jogging in the evening is something that I really look forward in my day.

3 x things I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for all the food I ate today
– Grateful for bing able to multitask and do several things.
– Grateful for having the ability to think, talk, hear, eat sleep..

3 x Happy moments of my day

– Felt so happy jogging back home this evening..
– Felt so happy speaking to my sister this evening after months and months.. we are still close..
– Happy and laughed a few times when I saw my mate Manual this afternoon,


3 x things I need to finish next that will take me a step closer to my goal.

– Quickly finish Jason Mcdonalds Social Media Marketing Audio book.
– Complete Uzairs training.
– Call google ads to optimise campaign more effectively.

1 x Act of Kindness today

– Offered a chocolate bar to my mate today


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