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Thursday 11 April 2019,

Slept so late last night I didn’t even get to blog.. but when I woke up, did the affirmations.. two foot at same time on the floor, I said Grateful.. so glad it’s all improving..  

Ate porridge and banana for breakfast, lol.. rung my mumbut she didn’t answer and then had an engineer at 8:30 to replace electric to smart meter ..

He was quick and great, so I made it to the gym by 10:30.. I did the shoulder workout again, Mike Thurston’s Complete Shoulders for Bigger Shoulders.. I did this workout 3 days in a row.. same shoulders.. An athlete expert trainer and she’s a friend of mine Andrea, recommended that same body part 2 days in a row just for a change and for great results.. she actually said 2 days but I did it 3 days Shoulders and it works.. 

Got home around 12;00 ate a can to Tuna, and then Rice and Beef Mince and a raw Onion.. Ate watching an episode of Victorious, and then sat on my desk around 1:10, to check my campaigns..

My newly tried strategy of creating a Search Campaign instead of following what our mentors said, not to move to another strategy until you master the first one.. so my first campaign on Google is a Video Campaign and I recently tried out creating a Search Campaign, it looks like it needs more time and attention to make it work, so I think, I should stick to what all the mentors at the SFM said, stick to one strategy at a time… and then I read in so many books go with instincts.. Well, lesson learnt and I am grateful for learning..

Then watched, Dan Halloways webinar, and accumulated a script from there for my next YouTube video..

It’s still in the draft but I will share with you.

In the video, I will ask a question to myself,

Why do you need to build your online business in this current digital times..

Ash: Bkz they don’t have to pursue passion, Bkz they feel like, the thing that they much rather be doing in life then not being able to pursue, they have a deep feeling, a wrenching feeling within them that, if they go to the end of their life, never making a change, then the current path that they are on, they are gonna deeply regret never pursuing their passion, and never doing what they love.. and never even trying to figuring that out what it that really ticks them and what is it that they can they offer to the world..

Because, they are forced to work a job that they are so so passionate about, bkz they are forced to have that corporate life just because everybody seems to have one..

And all those corporate professionals who are unfulfilled in their jobs and the prospect of working for another 30 years in the same career path is just burying their head in the sand, deep down they don’t want to do it, but don’t know what the answer is and they are kinda trapped into what’s cal’d golden handcuff situation where they are earning good money and they can’t really leave bkz they got their expensive bills to and stuff to pay.. They can’t really see the way out..

As Tony Robins says, “Doing the same things and expecting different results.. You have to make a decision..”

Watch this video for Tony Robins, After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything! – Tony Robbins

This is only an incomplete rough draft of my script.

06:45 pm, just when the Sun was going down, I went to a jog.. across the Thames, by Lambeth bridge over Vauxhall bridge and back home at the Oval..

3 x Things I am grateful for today

– I am Grateful for living on the Planet Earth
– I am Grateful for living on this sweet little Island cal’d England..
– And I am Grateful for having this comfortable bed to sleep..

3 x Happy moments my day.

– I felt so happy when I was jogging this evening and the red Sun was going down.
– I felt so happy this evening eating white bread with Yogurt.
– I felt happy and laughed a couple times speaking to many flatmate..

3 x thing I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal.

– Ash, Complete, Christi’s training..

– Ash, Finish with the script

– Ash, Change campaign budget..

1 x Act of kindness today

– Wished Happy Birthday to you mate to 2 of my FB mates..

*********************************************************************************************************************************  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! which will help you figure out your passion in life and build your digital life across it.. Build your base first and together we can help a lot of people and enjoy our lives so much more..

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