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Friday 18 January 2019

Anther great day… 

Woke up 4:25, watched Marketing mastery training video, at 5:30 I spoke to dad. It’s around 11 AM at dads time.. Last night I didn’t write, I decided to just do the meditation and go to bed.. I was able to wakeup early and was able to speak to dad. It been long I didn’t speak to him, like a couple weeks.. They are all fighting a battle of my brothers divorce.. Dad and I we both have so much time difference and we are both moody.. we need our moments to speak to each others.. but it was nice today.. I love him and Bless him ( I would like acknowledge my love and gratitude to God for giving me my Wonderfull parents, I wish them every happiness. Thank you ) 

Got ready got to work at 08:15, picked up a bottle of honey from the shop, spoke to past colleague, Brazilian, I love her.. Work was great..  I gave a kiss to my colleague on my way to my desk.. She was happy, and I said to her, her hair looked nice,,  She said, I just showered today.. Made Rose laugh a couple times..  I am usually listening to Audio books while at work, she kinda feels alone but, there are usually just complains when she opens her mouth so I avoid that..  Let’s begin our journey to influencing her towards Buddha’s mindset.. 

The one on the left, who I struggled to couple days ago to ask if she wanted a Croissant,  She had makeup on today so I asked if she were going to anywhere after work, and she said a movie.. asked if I were going anywhere, I said I am swimming, swimming with a group, she was like is it like, some symmetrical something like that, I said, don’t understand what that means, (I acknowledge my ego here.. that was not me who said that.. I don’t know I had this funny feeling when I said. It’s not me.. I understood what she meant, but I probably got nervous and my default energy when I am nervous infront of someone is EGO! God! Help me!! Bless me.. 

Another colleague, came up to me.. Asking for some help.. This is a beautiful English nice accent lady, she pressed some buttons on her computer and her all the colours went grey.. Just Black and White.. I her and another colleague figured it out.. Its Ctrl + Windows + C will make Windows 10 go all black and white. Even when you open a HSBC red website, it will be just Black and White.. It’s pretty cool.. I actually had my all afternoon black and white.. It was pretty cool. I loved the brain play.. I am glad I am listening to Audio book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza, I have learned we need to keep playing with brain to keep it sharp.. 

20 Minutes later, she went to the shop and bought a bunch of chocolates for me. She’s always done that… Every time I helped her, she bought some chocolates for me.. I love her.. Bless her!  There was a pack of 12 chocolates and came back to my desk and was counting how many people there were on the floor, Rose asked me what are you doing.. And I said to give it to all the people.. I walked around to every desk and gave them a piece, luckly some healthy eater were like, go away!!!  The last one I realized one less so I said in between them.. and they were like, you have and you have to one another.. In stead of telling me no they are alright, there were offering one another. Bless them. They have kind heart.. 

I offered to everybody and said it’s from her.. She loved that too I guess.. then I realised I didn’t offer to a girl, I felt. Ugh!! And she was sitting right in that one awkward middle desk.  When I went back to my desk, all the 3 girls around me were like, did you have one, you didn’t, you gave it to all.. Rose kept her half to me.. she said, take this you have take this.. and My impulse, I took that piece and I offered to the girl that I missed.. I smiled and gave it to her and she smiled and said thank you. 

Got home 4:30, Tesco’s on my way home… Answered text to dad, Good Night, he writes it every night. A good night message.. Bless him.. I responded and he phoned saying, he didn’t speak properly to me this morning, he had to cut the call off as his managers were around.. I said good night. I had a weird energy. I felt sad and sorry.  ( I acknowledge my feelings and energy here. There is nothing that we need to worry about, him and I .. we just have to be in the Present and Now and be grateful to what we have.. only then we will feel the perfection of the things.. 

I turned my laptop on, attended Danielle Wilsons live marketing webinar and Dannis Chapman Google Rep was the special guest.. I am going to be on his webinar next week on hot seat.. It was good, I got to see him! I had deleted the Grindr yesterday and while I was on the webinar I figures went to download It’s probably mybodies habbit or I don’t know what, one day delete and another day download. I chatted to a couple and then decided to finish myself and took a 35 minute nap listening to Michael Sealey Law of Attraction videos.. ( I acknowledge my feelings, emotions, energy here.. I have decided not to delete but to keep it in control.. I would like it to be entirely in my control in the future.. Thank you in advance) 

Wokeup at 06:40 pm, ate something.. got ready for swim, went to swim. My swim instructor so beautiful guy.. beautiful beautiful beautiful. I think he’s Walsh.. When he swims, looks like an Angel. And a kind heart.. very sympathetic.   He asked me what is your goal like Ash for the swimming, I was like, I wanted it be a Real one.. and I had words in my mind as Olympic style. But I didn’t say, I held back for some reason, I instead said real one but I gave him strong emotions and he got it, he did those expressions himself, and he said, I will train you on that.. I released a sign of relief.. I am working on so many goals right now. I have my online business goal, I have gym fitness goal and now looks like I have a swim goal. ( Success! – I want to acknowledge all my goals emotions and my feeling towards them, I would exhibit my kind loving and gratefullness feeling towards my goals. I am grateful for this realisation and thankfully for everything I have experienced in my life) 

Left swim at 9:30, I practised from 8:30 to 9:30, after 45 minutes class.. (Success) 

Got Nando’s chicken on my way home, I choose 4 x chicken thighs, Mash and garlic bread. The guy who’s waiting before me was still waiting and I got my food. I am grateful, things are working out so well. I got what I wanted yesterday and today I didn’t had to wait.. I must be doing something right, things started to work.. In fact I had yesterday 6 leads from the campaign that I recently started. I am so happy and grateful ( I acknowledge my Joy and happiness and gratefullness her and I would like to be more success in the future so that I can help a few more people and also help myself.. Thank you in advance). 

Got home at 10 PM, my alarm went off on my way, It’s my pill time.. got home, flatmate Ben’s was in the kitchen, I dried my swim stuff, sat down on the kitchen dinning table to have my dinner.. Ben had his dinner there too. I offered him a piece of chicken, I actually had my other new flatmate in my mind when I bought the chicken, I thought, I will feed him a bit, I used to feed my friends or flatmates before.. At one point in India in Bangalore, I used to feed 2 of them with my own hands, put food in their mouth like their mother.. Bless him! I wish them every best life has to offer. 

Ben and I spoke about various things including drugs, humans, credit crunch and personal life’s wide range of subjects. Came to my room and sat down to write. It’s 00:05 In London! I have virgin radio on and Killer Queen – Queen’s online .. 

Good Night and Good Luck.. 


3 x Things that I am grateful for today. 

– I am grateful for the experience I had this afternoon when I offered those chocolates to my colleagues.. the universe wanted all my workmates to enjoy a little Friday treat for being wonderful people so it made my other kind colleague put buttons on her keyboard resulting in she asking my help and because I go with an energy when I went to help her, I think I always touch her internally somehow that makes her go and buy chocolates straight away.. so universe gave chocolate to a lot of people at my work from her through me.. I am truly grateful for this experience.. 

– I am grateful for the chemistry and energy that I have developed with my immediate colleague, she realized I wasn’t eaating but giving it to everybody and she saved her half for me, which I gave away to someone. I kinda did not feel like I need to thank her.. I grateful for having this wonderful person next to me.. 

– I am grateful for being able to eat Nando’s chicken.. I was so tasty. I actually have not bought nandos take away for myself ever before. I am actually having my ideal days tomorrow and day after.. It’s my off Sat and Sunday so I would have my ideal days on my off as I don’t need to follow the clock.. I will do what ever I feel like..  Today everytime I had a negative energy I was observing. I was releasing with a thought of giving relief to myself as having a £100,000 in my account. And that what I believe now and my ideal days are perfect for me to work on all of these.. 

3 x happy moments of my day

– when I offered the chocolate, one of my work colleague, who’s returned to work after long time, she’s pregnant.. I felt like her face liftup when I offered it. Bless her, as if she was waiting or unintentionally expecting to get disturbed to what she was doing.. Bless her!!! I feel so happy with that.. 

– I felt so happy when I spoke to the one on my left that I had difficulty to open up to her, I was able to take a moment and answer her. I am so happy and grateful ( I acknowledge my over coming my fear here.. I would like to be as perfect as this one or above in the future and It should be of more gratefullness, thank you in Advance. ) 

-I felt so happy when I had dinner with my flatmate, we have only started to open up. We had strange energies and egos until recently and only now we are able to be in each others company. Bless us! 

3 x things that I need to do next that will make me closer to my 300K a month goal.. 

Check google ads account tomorrow morning 
Start google analytics training 
Figure out SEO for the blogging. 

1 x Act of kindness today 

Offered a chocolate to my workmates.. 


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