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Sunday 27 April 2019

Woke up pretty early and attended Body Pump Class a the gym…. I was gonna stay long in the bed..

Finishing the gym earlier in the day, the better it is for me.. Bkz, my energy is high in the morning.. So get the hard task done first and move on to others which does not drain much energy out..

It calโ€™d as Eating a Frog! ok, Itโ€™s actually referred to as “Eat that Frog”..ย  Let me put it again properly.

So if you have a set of tasks to finish, at work or home or whatever.. You know which oneโ€™s are you least favorites and you can figure out which one will consume most of your time..ย  so what you need to do is,ย  You have to go for the ones which you feel are the hardest first. Most people procrastinate and leave the hardest one to last, itโ€™s ok to do that if you have figured out what times of the day you feel your energy is high and you are more productive.. If not, if you procrastinate and leave it last, that when you struggle to have no time by the end of the day..ย 

For some people, it could be in the afternoon bkz, they eat salad for lunch, and that can help but for most it’s Mornings..ย 

So figure out what times your energy levels are the best, are you an early bird, or a salad lunch sexy or a night owl.. If you wanna be more productive and have some time for yourself every day before you get out of your work,ย ย then you need to โ€œEat that Frogโ€. ย  Listen to this free audio book of โ€œEat that Frogโ€ by Brian Tracy Here

So I got home like about 9:40, are beef and rice after the gym, phoned my dad, he didnโ€™t answer, mum, she didnโ€™t answer.. anyway, I sat down to check my campaigns on google ads.

So far today I had 15 conversions, 0.95% CTR (Click through rate = when a person clicks on your Ad and then lands on a landing page which is one of the pages on your website, this rate is Click Through Rate. The higher CTR the better it is for a campaign.ย  That means, all your messages are aligned and inclined with one another If you have one message on your Ad and your landing page showing different story then the landing page and your Ad will not go with one another, so there should be a flow..

Rest of the day, for every hour, I took 20 minutes break and worked through the rest of the day.

3 x things I am grateful for today.

– Iam grateful for having all the food I have access to around me..
– I am grateful for having my weekend off.
– I am grateful for all the artists who produce music.

3 x Happy moments of my day.

– I felt so happy and grateful when I spoke to my dad this evening.
– I laughed a few times earlier when I saw an episode of Victorious on Netflix earlier.
– I felt happy and when I ate a bunch of crisps and I couldnโ€™t stop and I ate more.

3 x Things I need to do that will take me a step closer to my goal

– Ash, create goal in Analytics.
– Ash, Ring Google Ads tomorrow.
– Ash, split testing landing pages stats.

1 x Act of Kindness today

– I clicked so many like buttons on so many pictures today on Instagram.

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