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Saturday 06 April 2019

Woke up 7:30, decided to go back to bed,.. then woke up again at 8:40.. sat up and wrote my affirmations..

Looking back now, wonder why I didnโ€™t write my affirmations when I first woke up at 7:30, that was the best time in between the sleep. Read more about affirmations here..

I like to start my weekend by speaking to my parents, so I rung them, couldnโ€™t speak to dad but got to speak to my little genius nephew..

Then I had a viewing, another flatmate of mine decided to move in with the bf. Happy for her!

Then got ready for the gym and got to gym at around 12:15, I had really great upper chest workout.. A friend whoโ€™s an athlete and an instructor suggested me to aim more for Rhomboids , they will push my shoulders up, making them more elevated and wider.. and lot of people actually ignore Rhomboids..ย  Rhomboid muscle is a muscle on your upper back. If you want a wider back and wants perfect symmetry in your back, your bum and back. Then you should add Rhomboids to your workout.. I did this guys workout many times and itโ€™s helpful.. so I did upper chest today so that I can focus exactly on the back side upper tomorrow. front and back upper ultimately gives you a wider and bigger look and huge upper body..ย 

Got home, 01:40.. ate lunch of white bread and beef cooked with chili, ginger, garlic, and onions.

Then had another viewing.. Then went to see a mate who lives nearby.. went up to elephant and castle and ate at my favorite Columbian place, La Tettra.. got home, around 06:30, the weather was really great, the spring and the trees and the colors were really great. I walked home feeling so great..ย  06:35, I took a nap listening to Christiโ€™s abundance meditation, then had another mate txt me that he was in the area.. My Saturday was so busy. He came over, we were hanging in for like an hour or so. Then I sat down working..

lol.. hang on, I had another mate txt me asking, if I was gonna come out with him.. I asked him how was this place that he went to last time..ย 

Then I had another mate, rung me asking what was I up to, and If he can catch up for a drink.. I said to him, I know it sucks but I am working.. he was like,Ash, you are a machine..

3 x Things I am grateful for today.

– I m grateful for having so many mates around me.
– I am grateful for the water I consumed all day today and the water that I have access too.. the pure magical drink. Water! DRINK WATER!!!
– I am grateful for that we have access to the lifts in the buildings..

3 x Happy moments of my day.

– I was happy when I went to see my mate this afternoon. We laughed a few times.
– I was happy and when my other mate was here this evening. We laughed a few times again..
– I was sooo happy when I ate a huge fish soup, grilled chicken with creamy mushrooms, an empanada for my dinner at that Columbian place in Elephant and Castle..


3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal

– Ash, Split test landing page
– Ash, complete google analytics training
– Ash, complete Christiโ€™s training.


1 x Act of kindness today

– Offered a Lemon cheese cake to my mate.. I knew he was gonna come and he these things..

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