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Friday 05 April 2019

Woke up.. 7:30.. again last night almost 2am. Many many months of focus and 3-day distraction and all my plan is shaken. I aim to bring all my times back to their original times..Β  my blog time at 9 and in bed at 11:30.. up at 4.. I took off next week so I can bring all the times back and I do want to rest.

Right, what can I do to help you today? What can we talk?

ok, I will talk about me.. I have next week off..Β  and I am aiming to get so much done.. Google Analytics training, Cristi’s Abundance training, all the Dan Halloway’s webinars and Uzairs Google Ads training and give a bit of quality time to my family and then just eat, go to the gym and rest all week.

These 3 pieces of training, they have been in my things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal things for many many days now.. and I haven’t got up to them.. So I decided to proactively go after them.Β 

Work was great, got home, through the supermarkets for my weeks stuff, got home at 5:10, I think, I happened to txt mum what she was doing and my sister was home so I got to speak to my cute little nephew and niece.

Then I took a nap listening to Dan Lok’s meditation, woke up, 06:50, got ready and went swimming in a group class.. we were competing as a game and I did my full-length 25m in 24 seconds the first time, the second time in 19 seconds. And 7 seconds is everybody’s ultimate goal..

Got home, 9.. spoke to brother while cooking, I made beef, cooked in ginger, garlic and onions and of course sun-dried red chilly πŸ˜‰ by my mum. . It was really yum, I ate that with white bread.. Yum!

Then sat down checked my campaigns, today I had 59 clicks, 7 conversions, and Β£6.55 cost per conversion. I am grateful.. I aim to bring the cost per conversion down.. the smaller cost per conversion the better it is to a marketer. whats cost per lead read here!Β 

ok, see you tmro..

3 x Things that I am grateful for today.

– I am grateful for my flat.
– I am grateful for my job.
– And I m grateful for my phone..

3 x Happy moments of my day

– I felt so happy and when I ate my yum dinner, 11 years living in London and I found white bread now and I loved it..
– I laughed and felt happy earlier when I watched Imran and Aneela’s Ad on youtube and I thought the b-roll was funny.
– I felt so happy when I did my full-length 25m swim and in 19 seconds..


3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal.

– Ash, Complete Google Analytics training.
– Ash, Complete Christi’s Abundance training.
– Ash, Complete Dan Halloway’s webinars.


1 x Act of Kindness today

– I held the door to a guy at the swim..


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