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Thursday 28 March 2019

By the time I went to bed, it became 12:30 last night, and I didn’t even finish my meditation, I did half of it in the bed and then went to bed.. no matter how late it is, I never miss my meditations.. Wonder why I did it two days in a row. I actually pulled myself from many things since the SFM Momentum day.. I actually did not connect with anyone. The ones I spoke to, I tried to inspire them as much as I could.. referring them to the books, the meditations.. I was grateful to have been spoken to them.. The Universe has it’s plans for everybody so, the people I spoke to on that day were the people I was meant to speak too..ย 

Anyway, got of the bed at 6:05, sat up wrote my affirmations so quickly.. got ready and left for the gym to attend Body Pump Class at 6:30.. I had a great workout, I looked straight into my eyes in the mirror working out.. I love attending the class. It’s a great motivation with everybody around.. then ran home, got ready and got to work sharp on time.. It was a beautiful day, loads of laughs, food and funny things at work..ย 

In the afternoon, I had a text message from Anthea on facebook asking me to join in her business, I reminded myself by reminding her that I shall be focusing on only 1 thing at 1 time and right now that will be Affiliate Marketing .. after that I think she sent me a bunch of testimonies or something.. Since I joined SFM, I think this was 3 or the 4th business opportunity I got.. I had to say no. to focus on thing at one time .. I learned this from Gary Keller’s book “One Thing”.. pdf.ย ย 

Got home on my way through the Tesco.. while I was at the supermarket, I had a txt from my brother saying that, he boss asked him to his office and gave him a pay raise.. bless him!! so happy for him.ย 

checked my Google Ads campaigns.. took a quick 30 min nap.. I think it was 5:30.. at 6, I made my yummie dinner, ate watching an episode of Victorious on Netflix.. It was funny..ย 

Then sat down watching Adwords trainings on youtube. watched a bunch of Neil Patel’s then ended up actually buying a $47 dollar course.. then sat down writing my blog…ย 

Thank you for reading… How was you day? what did you get upto? If you can read Gary Keller’s book, It will make you very productive. or watch that episode of Victorious.. It will take you back in time..ย 

3 x Things that I am grateful to todayย 

– I am grateful for having found something to do online..ย 

– I am grateful for having access to the internet.ย 

– I am grateful for having plenty of water to drink.ย 

3 x Happy moments of my dayย 

– I felt so happy and grateful when my brother said he got a pay raise..ย 

– I felt so happy and grateful when I emailed my lead and she was already working on her website content.ย 

– I felt so happy and laughed a couple times watching that episode of Victoriousย 

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destinationย 

– Ash, complete Google Ads training.ย 

– Ash, work for new script.ย 

– Ash, do keywords research for new campaign.ย 

1 x Act of kindness todayย 

– bought water to her desk to a friend at work without asking..ย 

*********************************************************************************************************************************ย  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can help a lot of people.. Ash ๐Ÿ™‚ย  My YouTube, My Website


PS. I don’t re-read my blog before posting bkz I have to save time.. xx