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Saturday 16 March 2019

Wokup 6:30 AM without alarm. Sent a text message to my family’s whatspp group asking if my nieces exam had ended? Dad answered in 15 minutes it will..ย 

My little niece writing her final high school exams, she’ll be going to college soon.. I then sat up and wrote my affirmations.. then went to loo… then I checked my Google Ads campaigns and then decided to go back to bed. I am off today. I don’t have to do anything..ย 

I pulled the curtain.. then put my headphones on and took a nap listening to Michael Sealey’s Hypnosis for Letting Go of the Fear of Success (Confidence & Motivation)and woke up at 10:30. Checked my phone to see if there was an update about my niece my dad and niece had messaged that she nailed it …ย 

Had a breakfast of sandwich, then checked again my campaigns, emails and the responses to my leads and subscribers..ย  then i made a list of the things that I need finish today, a list of things i need to finish tomorrow and the ultimate goal for the weekend. I wrote down everything on the paper.ย 

then decided to go to gym…Got to gym at 1pm sharp.. At the gym I had done full body workout one of each body part. I couldn’t do legs because my shorts were too tight.. I went for the sxy one’s then i learned the lesson.ย  lol.. got home about 2:20 pm.. had my lunch of Beef Risotto then sat down on my desk working on a new script for my thank you page video..ย 

I had messaged my mum earlier if she wanted to talk.. she returned my text now and she rung.. spoke to her for about 15 minutes, it was 10 pm there for her so I finished soon.. then I created a new page on my website.. and then embedded my yoututbe video on that page and added that page to my email followup series.. This is the series that goes out when I get new lead..ย 

The above is called “Automation”.. I don’t have to send emails every time I get a new lead or I don’t have to shoot videos many times.. It’s just once and make it as an email and set up a chain of emails in a neatly designed easy to learn software.. and the system will automatically send emails out day after day when I get new leads or subscriber.ย  This is what called as using the leverage of connectivity and automation of the Digital Economy..ย 

then had my dinner.. of a veggy sandwich.. and watched about 20 minutes of Rupauls new episode.. while eating.. then sat down to write..ย 

3 x things that i am grateful for todayย 

– I am grateful for this little Saturday market in Oval Church.. I bought some orange lemon cake today.. It was so good.ย 

– I am grateful for the weather today.. I wasn’t able to shoot my video because there was no sun but when I went to gym walking outside I felt so good. It wasn’t that cold either..ย 

– I am grateful for my cozy comfortable room..ย 

3 x happy moments of my dayย 

– I felt happy and laughed a couple times when I spoke to my mum this morning.ย 

– I laughed earlier around 9pm when I watched some funny ghost prank video to cheer up my mood.ย 

– I laughed and lay down embarrassed just now when I realized I had about 200 views on my yesterday’s video.ย 

3 x things I need to do next that will take me to step closer to my destinationย 

– Ash complete analytics training.ย 

– Ash update landing pageย 

– Ash create signature under your eamil, blog and follow up series..ย 

1 x act of kindness todayย 

– I left some cake that I bought from the Oval church market on my flatmate’s bed this evening..ย 

How was your day? you have said nothing yet.. Write a comment if you can.. If you had read upto her, then you might have something to say? anything..? a little thing maybe? anyway, I could feel you are there so.. have a great day tomorrow.. a easy relaxing but still a productive one.. ok?ย  Good night..ย 

*********************************************************************************************************************************ย  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can work towards our value to the world. ย Take care, Ash ๐Ÿ™‚ย  My YouTube, My Website