Tuesday, 05 March 2019 

Woke up 5:30, sat up and wrote my affirmations.. Got ready for the gym and got to gym at 6:30 AM.. I had a great workout… I did 2 sets of Incline Chest and 1 set of Shoulders and 1 set of biceps and 1 set of Abs . I would like to start with these parts at the beginning of my week because I am focusing on these for the wider symmetry. 

Left gym at 7:50, on my way stopped at Mimi’s Deli at the Oval.. Got 2 Salmon Bagels.. one for me and one for my friend at work.. I like the people at this Deli.. They are always happy to see me.. The guy who made my bagel asked me where I was from today and he was in a happy talkative mood .. and the other one.,  she’s funny! 

I wore a black jumper and blue jeans to work today. (Pic’s not me but I dressed up more or less like that) Work was great. I had been very productive with my time as always..

After work I went in town to Soho just hang out, I took the northern line from Kennington to Leicester square. I walked around Soho.. then to the China town.. I had a Chicken and Mushroom Chinese Bun from China town.. 

Got home at 5:50 pm, checked my Google Ads campaigns and set the alarm for 20 minutes and took a nap for 20 minutes and woke up at 06:16.. I had a great nap.. as soon as I woke up, I said to Siri.. “Hey Siri.. Set an alarm in 45 minutes”.. and sat down to meditate.. I did first 15 minutes of Tazvi.. then slipped in the black screen… I have a significant improvement in keeping my thoughts current during my meditation… I first did body awareness, then space awareness, water raising from bottom to top, I bought in the elevated emotion and released my wishes into the universe with the gratitude..  All these meditations are from Joe Dispensa’s becoming supernatural book pdf download

Then made my dinner. 3 x Chicken breast cooked just in the Olive oil. made 2 bottles of Chicken Yogurt and pepper blend after cooking the chicken and made a cuppa tea and sat down on my desk working… 

Made a list of all the things I need to finish this week and prioritize what’s need to be done.. and I made a start with watching Google Ads AdWords training on Youtube. 

3 x Things I am grateful for today 

– I am grateful for having my so so comfortable bed. 

– I am grateful for having this beautiful, homely, cozy and my comfortable room.. 

– I am grateful to be able to listen to this beautiful song which is, on now in my room on Virgin radio.

 3 x Happy moments of my day today 

– I felt so happy when I left the gym and had that little chat at the deli. I like people talking.

– I felt happy and laughed earlier when I realized I have food for the next 3 breakfasts.

– felt so happy earlier when I decided to take a 5 minutes break and just lye down on my bed and roll over and stretch.. I moaned… lol

1 x act of kindness today 

– I held the door for a dude at the gym.

I hope you had a great day and started observing your mind patterns.. 

*********************************************************************************************************************************  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can work towards our value to the world.  Take care, Ash 🙂  My YouTube, My Website