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Saturday 12 Jan 2019, 

As always its Another great day today! 

I woke-up as I slept in the same position last night, I had my headphones on when I slept and I listened to Michael Sealey sleep hypnosis for manifesting holistic abundance audio.. I do this every day.. some or other self help videos, get the headphones on, fall a sleep and you wake up with a new super power!!!

Actually some of them are really great, like, overcoming social anxiety etc. I do one each day and I have them help me a lot.. 

So got off the bed around 7:30 something, had a coffee, I phoned my dad. I have not spoken to him for 2 weeks now..  He said, he had to go to namaz, I he will call me back.. made myself a very nice breakfast, my Saturday, I eat eggs and toast, not completely done eggs and some tomato ketchup..  I have eaten heavy breakfast because I was planning to go to gym at around mid day so bread and eggs are good for breakfast I guess. 

Last night actually, before I slept I took, the Content Marketing Certification course that I have been doing at home, I had to do a test, and I failed. I did it again and I failed.. Each time it takes an hour to complete. I had it on my checklist this to complete this weekend.. I need to complete that. 

Dad phoned at around 10 am , It was great to speak to him, some days there is so much connection and we talk about things.. then another day, we so formal.. I don’t that.. But I love him so much and he loves me so much. So Its just wornderful..  (I would like to acknowledge my way of thinking here.. I would like It to be just grateful next time and all the times to come.. Thank you in advance.. )   Then I spoke to my brother… we spoke about his divorce issue going on.. bless him.. I love him so much.. He’s nice.. 

Then I spoke to my mum.. She’s home. We shared laughter once I think other than that, they usually focus on issues.. I am trying to help them as much as I can help them think in the now but its been challenging.. (I just want to acknowledge having a wonderful family. parents, bother, sister.. niece, nephew, jiju. Bless them. ) 

At 11:30, Rubens Van mover here.. Merce, Me(Ash),  Rubin, van man we all helped Rubin move out.. Bless him.. He’s a nice boy.. I wish him every best life has to offer.. xx

I went to gym at around 12, had a great upper body exercise, got home at 2pm, put some chicken on the stew and I quickly hoovered the flat, I have 3 visitors coming today to view the spare room that I am advertising, my Spanish flatmate decided to move out so I am finding a new one.. 

I made the chicken, yogurt juice in a big bottle, the first person came in, she was same age as ours, works in the military recent graduate very decent and nice.. I loved that person.. she is doing a great job and I need to support that.. and I definitely think she thinks different to others.. and I like that.. I do want to master mind with someone like her.. Oh my God!!  When I was speaking to her, for some reason I got all funny and nervous and my body language kinda sucked.. oh God!  ( I acknowledge how I reacted, acted, my body language, my nerves,  and every thing else which I exhibit other than my real self!  – I would like it to be very confident, happy, compassionate and pleasant next time God! Thank you in advance) 

I definitely liked her, she is the best choice of all I thought, 

The next appointment didn’t show up.. I was glad.. 

The last guy, Spanish boy, 27, very friendly, kinda shy, so down to earth, looks like he comes from a humble family.. He loved the room, the house, the people, he a perfect match.. This is what I have been looking for. Someone who’s homely, friendly, quiet, easy… Bless him, he was even showing me his tattoos.. Great guy. 

I was gonna go to that Military girl, I wanted to help the world.. but this guy is someone who’s looking for home in London.. I am myself, have been working for years trying to build and my this my home myself.. 

I don’t know what to do.. but I told both of them.. let me know by tomorrow afternoon and I will decide who to go for..  

It will be a difficult one for me but I want to leave it with the time and I want to be in the now.. I did what I need to do. I advertised it, managed it, bought people around, kept cleaning it everything some one was coming and I did best for the house to bring a decent flatmate it.. I do want to help who ever that person’s goona come. I would be grateful If I receive text from the only one person who really need my support.. I will be happy to take that person as a blessing.. Bless them all.. 

19:59 now while I write this.. All I am going to do is make a list of the things that I need to finish this weekend.. things that I need to do now.. and my usual 3 things.. 

This weekend I will finish 

-Submitting my website to compliance check 

-Pass the Content marketing exam. 

-watch 1 Dan Halloway’s webinar. 

-Listen to  Tony Robins audio a day. 

Aim to start Google Analytics training.. 

3 things I am grateful for today

having this wonderful flat and having all the gym, swim, tesco, parties, parliament, everything around me so close..   
I am grateful for having been able to go to gym and have a workout.. I love It and I wish every one that.. 
I am grateful for having the food that I ate today.. I had great breakfast rest of the day I kinda just drank my special chicken and yogurt blend.. I had been busy with 2 people came in to view, I cleaned the flat then I coloured my hair.. so much. !! Bless me! 

3 Happy moments of the day. 

I felt so happy and laughed, when my dad said to me about one of the funny tricks he played with my brother’s in-laws, his weddings on rocks.. Bless him! 
I felt so happy and laughed, when Bence my flatmate who’s painting his new room ( inter room change) when he was calling blue as pink and green and brown as violet. 
I felt so happy and I laughed a couple times when the last guy came to view the room, we spoke about so much shit, we laughed a couple times.. bless him!


3 Things that I need to do next that will move me 1 step closer to my goal. 

-shoot a youtube video with a nice message. 

– submit my website for compliance quickly. 
– Pass the content marketing exam. 






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