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Sunday 24 February 2019

Woke up around 8:20, had gone to bed at 02:30 AM last night, working until then. I felt great when I woke up, so I ate the nuts I soaked in water last night, I soak a handful of brown Chickpeas, a bunch of Almonds and a bunch of peanuts in water and a take the water off in the morning and add a spoon of honey and eat them as soon as I wakeup.. This is an old habit coming from my Dad, he, my brother and I do it every day… We have always eaten them. While growing up mum used to soak them the night before. Now I do it myself.. It’s a great strength and good for the muscle too.ย ย 

Got to gym around 10, followed Mike Thurston Building Bigger Arms – The Superset Workout Arms Workout… got home around midday, the Sun’s out today and it was beautiful outside. It’s said probably the hottest February every in the UK. It was about 16 degrees.ย 

On my way home, went the same little Italian breakfast place and got a Salmon bagel, ate it on my way, got home, made some proteinaceous lunch of a lot of chicken and eggs.. Made a bottle of Chicken, Yogurt and a beetroot grind in a blender… Set things to make my lunch after an hour..ย 

My aim was to shoot a video today while the Sun was still out. I sat down on my desk, had the mirror in front of me and started practicing the script, I did that an hour, I was already feeling a little hungry.. Went to the kitchen to make my lunch made some, Tamarind Soup, rice cooked in lentils, Spanish omelet with red onions. Yum!!ย 

When I made all of those and it didn’t even take that much time and it looked good so I decided to ask my flatmate if he wanted to join, he felt he was a little quiet for a few days, It was Sunday he was home so I asked if he wanted to join.. He didn’t wanna eat but he was happy I asked so he came to sit with me in the kitchen while I eat.. He broke up with his bf a week ago and he was feeling it. that’s why he was quiet. He told me all about it.. I was glad that I asked him. I was able to cheer him up. He was around me until 4 pm.

I had a text from my mum, had spoken to her and my brother. There was some family issue going on and I was actually been waiting for an update or some news.. by the time I finished speaking to brother, the Sun’s gone down.. I don’t even know the complete script to shoot the video. I missed it..ย 

I sat down the rest of the evening working on other things, I crossed out all the tasks completed from my to-do list.ย  checked if there is something I needed t finish today and now. I needed an unused email id to test my new email training followup series so I figured which one to use and tested it.. That was the main thing I need to finish for today and it was done.ย ย 

A neighbor friend who comes to see me every weekend messaged me want to come over, he came to see me, I never say no to friends. they can come to hang with me and go and I usually keep doing my things.. Some days I just worked even when someones still here. My friends are used to see me working all the times. They don’t mind..ย 

I have worked so much this weekend. I wasn’t able to shoot the video however, I am grateful for all the things I was able to finish. It’s supposed to be fun and pleasure..ย 

I decided to take a break while having my dinner, my mate was still around, I watched a 40-minute episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown S04E03 Paraguay Travel Show.. I love his shows so much, he has traveled and ate everywhere.ย 

Mate’s left after the episode was finished and I sat down writing..ย 

3 x things I am grateful for today

–ย  I am grateful for being surrounded by so many friends..ย 

– I am grateful for being able to eat so nice today.

– I am grateful for the electricity.ย 


3 x happy moments of my day.

–ย  I felt so happy and grateful while walking back home from the gym in the Sun, I had a great weeknd and I acknowledged it to myself..ย 

– I felt happy and we laughed a few times when I cheered up my flatmate this afternoon.ย 

– I was happy and laughed a few times when my next mate was here this evening and we watched Parts Unknown.ย 


3 x things I need to do that will take me a step closer to my destinationย 

– Practice script

-Complete Google Analytics training

– Update Thank you page.ย 


1 x act of kindness todayย 

– had offered a bar of chocolate to my mate ealier.

I hope you had a great weenkend too. xxย 

Kindest Regards,ย 

Ash Khaleem


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