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I sat down and I am thinking, what can I say today.. How can I inspire, how can I influence, how can give value..

What do I say?

I don’t know but I won’t start writing or coming up here.. All I know is, I am here to serve.. I don’t how but I will..

I had a great productive day today.. Woke up 5:15, got to gym 6:30, I donno what I was doing for so long time getting out of my flat.. (Failure! Dear Mr Brain, please note this as a Failure and my acknowledgment. I would like to be more organized with my time in the morning, I would like to stick to my planned schedule that gives me enough time in the gym and be at work before 8 nice and sharp.. Thank you in advance)

Work was really great, I was able to help achieve so many things, the weather was so so great, looks like a little early spring, some trees already opened the white flowers.. This season in London there are no leaves, just sticks and then the buds will come on the tree in a few days all the trees will be full of flowers and colours.. so beautiful..

Got home, 4:25, my head went funny for a few minutes deciding to go for swim or not..  then Instead decided to sit down and meditate, I got Joe Dispenza’s You are the placebo meditation on Audiobooks and I meditated for 55 minutes… then made my dinner at 6 pm, didn’t eat.. head went funny again deciding if I should go for a jog before eating.. I got ready, I am aiming to go to gym tomorrow morning so  I was reluctant, if I should or not..   I forgot the shoes at work so I didn’t go..

Had my dinner, beef and tomatoes cooked with gravy and rice and lentils cooked together.. yum!

Sat down working on my business.. I have finally completed my followup email series.. I have been working on these for day. That’s what they say, one step at a time.. Whenever or whatever the time I got to work on my business, I was only doing these followup series..  Remember one thing from the book One Thing by Gary Keller.  You have to that one thing only which is not only most important but the thing that will progress you towards your destination. So prioritize and only do that one thing at one time.. 

I am so happy the email series is done..

I actually just finished them, then put a candle on turned the lights off and danced around for 15 minutes.. 😉 now sitting down and writing this.. 23:03.. have a great night.. xx

3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful to a spiritual leader called Gareth Morgan from SFM, today’s I was had listened to one of his webinars about the Chakra’s and meditation.. his mentioned at some point, put a candle on, turn the lights off and just let go.. Everything will be released..
– I am grateful for Apple Tv’s little remote control. It’s tiny, it’s cute and very easy to navigate.. and smooth too.. I like to touch with my nail.
I am grateful for my door in my room opens into my balcony. It’s huge and beautiful, made of glass and wood, white double glazed it’s attached within a huge window. My window is actually one of the best thing that ever happened to me.. I used to decorate my room so much when I was a little boy growing up in the small town, Suryapet in India and always dreamt of having a room like this and God gave me a beautiful beautiful beautiful looking room in London..
– I am grateful for the Apple that I just ate… I had some peanut butter on the slice and it so sooooo yum!!!!!

3 x happy moments of my day today

– I was happy and I celebrated earlier when I finished the email series..
– I was happy when I walked to work this morning through the park I love that park and the walk..
– I was happy and laughed when I when I had chat with my friend..

3 x thing that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination

– Ash complete Analytics training
– Ash Practise script
– Ash Shoot a video

1 x act of kindness today

offered food to my flatmate who returned home after 2 weeks of holiday and straight to bed..


My Kindest Regards to all of you, xx

Ash Khaleem

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